Sunday, October 4, 2009

Goodwill and Yard Sale Finds

Oh, what a glorious feeling, oh what a glorious day...
It's fall and I was home with virtually no plans on Saturday morning. It was also Goodwill's monthly 1/2 off sale! So I was more than happy to jump out of bed, brew my coffee, and get out the door by 7 a.m. to venture out into the cool brisk breeze of a fall morning! It made me smile!
Here is some of my loot...a Christmas Santa bag hand made from felt ($2), a pumpkin Halloween costume ($2), a handmade ghost candy basket ($1), 2 tin lunch boxes ($1 each), a handmade pumpkin jar (.50), a Halloween doll ($2), and a White Christmas puzzle ($1) for the holidays.
This was one of the best deals...a Jim Shore Snowman in perfect condition...retails for about $40 and I paid $2.50 I think.
The second best 8 piece setting of this Holiday China for....$15!!!!!! Complete with bowls, glasses, a serving bowl, and salt/pepper shaker. I love this!

Before I went to goodwill I went to a few Yard was my lucky day!
A rolling pin for $1
a brand new Kitchen Aid mixer for $ you know how much these are? around $200 and do you know how much I love to cook and bake? that is why my kitchen was definitely naked without one!! I can't wait to bake a cake!

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Danielle Moss said...

Well you know what my favorite find is, don't you??

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