Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"i sick"...

that is what little Eddie says when he's sick it's so cute, he has many cute 'eddie-isms' right now:
"i sick"
"i s-carrrred" (for i'm scared)
"i did" (for i do, i am, or sometimes for yes)
"i told" (for i'm cold)
"pum on" (for come on)

but i really am sick:( naturally on my fall break i would get sick...so sad! but at least i don't have to use my sick days (trying to look on the bright side here). I've had a fever, chest congestion, and bad cough for a couple days. today i do seem to be getting a bit better. but i had such a long to do list and nothing is getting accomplished and it's a very pretty day! i don't think it's the flu (had the flu shot on Thursday) but could be h1n1 or bronchitis. probably bronchitis because i'm feeling better too soon to be h1n1...unless i relapse. i hope not.


brenna said...

I have been home from school for 2 days with the EXACT same symptoms! I actually started feeling gross Saturday and stayed home from church Sunday with a fever. I called out from work Monday (sick day #1) and my fever broke and I started to feel better but it came back last night so I called out today (sick day #2) but I actually could've gone. I feel SOOO much better today! I guess lots of sleep and rest worked great! Hopefully you'll be back on your feet soon!! :-)

Angie said...

Bless your heart! Praying you feel better and can enjoy at least some of your break!
I think the flu shot takes about 10 days to become "effective"...take care of yourself...and get to the doc if you aren't feeling better soon! Take care of you!

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