Saturday, October 17, 2009

it's a cold october morn...

and i haven't turned my heat on yet! i was waiting to have my heat serviced before I turned it on and they aren't coming until Monday. too bad for me that the high is 48 degrees today! I'm also waiting for the gas co. to check my gas logs before i turn them on and they are coming on Monday as well. naturally the forecast for next week is highs in the 60's and 70's...i won't need the fireplace on then. so this morning i made a pot of coffee and have many layers thermostat says my house is 58 degrees! that is cold!! lucky for me i do have an electric blanket on my bed for nighttime!

I'm beginning my week of fall break today! we have a whole week off for the first time ever (we normally don't get a fall break in my district) so this break is a welcome relief! i have a very long to do list on my table but I'm taking it easy today as i merge into my break.

i have a praise to report on this post ? well, the situation reached it's peak with said student a few weeks ago when her mom called to basically tell me her daughter was a rude and disrespectful person because i did not send home enough happy notes (read: push the blame on me). of course, how could i single handily change the total persona of a person in 5 short weeks?? it must be my magical powers...but probably more likely it's that she has little to no responsibilities at home, gets everything she ever asks for, and has no consequences at home. Therefore said student is in shock at school to have to obey the rules like all of my other friends! Also mom told me her daughter is NEVER a problem at home (LIAR) and is only a problem at church and school!!!!!!!! At the end of the conversation, when she saw I was standing firm about the fact that her daughter's problem was not my lack of "happy notes" but rather her inability to accept authority, rules, and consequences...her mom hung up on me! Yes, she hung. up. on. her. child's. teacher! Now, I ask you ...would you hang up on your doctor, nurse, accountant or attorney? No, I don't think so! Teachers are the only professionals that get treated like crap on a daily basis and some people think it's justified. So sad. (I won't even start on the pay) This is why we need fall breaks, spring breaks, and summer breaks!! to the praise! It's been about 2 weeks since this scenario and I've really prayed and tried to begin loving this child. It's hard. But, it's getting better. She has many positives and I did try to tell her mom that. Fast forward to Friday...the day before fall principal comes to my room to tell me he was moving rude chick to another classroom when we return from fall break! I have to admit I was giddy with glee and happiness! She was the thorn in my side for the first 9 weeks of school and I dreaded my days with her because I knew she was going to suck me completely dry!

Don't get too excited for me because the other part of the story is that he is also switching another (boy) student into my room. Basically me and this other teacher are switching out two student/parent problems. This does not happen often and I usually don't recommend the principal bending to parent complaints. However, when the parents are so unwilling to work with you and are keeping a "check list" of sorts on everything you do and say to their children it does become an issue. So I'm getting a possible new behavior problem, but he's a boy and I can usually handle bad boys better than bad girls so I'm happy!

So thanks to anyone who prayed for me and my situation. I consider this a blessing and am looking forward to the second nine weeks of school!


Jill said...

Oh Amy, what a mess. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this terrible mother and bad student. My mom was a 2nd grade teacher and I heard so many bad stories from her. Hopefully, the "switch out" will be the answer to our prayers.

Enjoy the cold weather and your fall break.

Angie said...

I feel your pain! been there, done that! praying things will be better after fall break.

I was trying not to turn my heat on...caved last night...but I keep it set really low all the time cause I'm cheap like that! Stay bundled up!

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