Sunday, October 11, 2009

oh what fun!

my best friends candace, deb, and amber had a great girls getaway weekend in the mountains this weekend!

this is our adorable cabin

it had great space and was very cozy

we needed one more day to utilize this kitchen

after traveling up the mountain through many curvy, dark roads we finally saw the street sign!

how cute is this episcopal church?

our running joke for the had to be there but we all took one of these kitchen towels home!

the smokey two more weeks these trees will be a beautiful variety of colors!

the sky lift!

beautiful fall, everywhere!

breakfast at the pancake pantry...yumm-o!

candace's b-day! 39 in 2009!...i had to get that one in here, candace!

a little christmas spirit!
pic with santa!

after traveling since 9 a.m. we were still only half way through our was a long day!
candace's kids: shepherd and hadley were so fun and cute!

shepherd, a total ham!


Jill said...

Looks like SO much fun. Face Lift Fund????? Are you joking? Ha!

Candace said...

loved the pics, esp the one of us looking at the christmas stuff and "Breezy Rd"

what a weekend, ho, ho, ho!

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