Friday, November 27, 2009

the morning after...

the morning after thanksgiving and i'm enjoying peace and solitude in my quiet but lonely house. i'm ok with the solitary-ness of my life right now because i know the future hold lots of busy-ness! So i really am enjoying this time.

are your children as difficult to photograph as these two? i took about 300 photos yesterday in hopes of something that would be decent enough for a Christmas picture. these are the best...if one was looking, the other wasn't.
eddie was attempting to kiss me:)
my cousins...kelsey, kayla, tiffany, and fortino
amy, eddie, madison, and mom
eddie loves sticks

yeah!!! we going to disney in a few minutes!!

like father like son!

the whole fam
see...little eddie is such a ham!

my aunt faye, kelsey, tiffany, and kayla

tiffany and jeff


Jill said...

Great photos! Your mom's yard is the perfect setting for photos. :)

Angie said...

What loverly pictures! I love the ones of the kids in the leaves! Hope your day was incredibly fantastic - what day isn't when we get out of school, right? And Happy 33 months!

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