Sunday, November 22, 2009

a little christmas shopping

mostly for me...i didn't even {need} this stuff but i still bought it.

i thought this was beautiful and in such festive colors for fall. it can be paired with either a skirt or black pants.
a basic purple cow's neck sweater...this is the color of the they say!
i'm not sure what i'll wear this necklace with but i just thought it was unusual and cute.
another necklace
cute head-wear...i don't wear headbands much but this are flexible and comfortable
a ring to go with my purple sweater
and this purse...i just fell in love with it and hope it's not too gaudy! i've been eyeing some much more expensive purses so i thought buying this one (for $35) would get it out of my system!
this is a hanging earring/jewelry for me and one for someone else:)
and finally a few books i've been wanting. i can't wait to get my hands on the Pioneer Woman Cooks and read her great recipes! I've been curious about the Sarah Palin book and thought it would be an interesting read. i'm not a Sarah Palin political fan although I do like her as a person and admire many things about her. The Paula Deen book is a gift for my mom for Christmas.

and that is the end of my spontaneous Sunday shopping spree. i hope you can take a moment to do something just for you this season as well.


Jill said...

Great finds, Amy! I love the plum purple top and all the accessories. I love shopping for new things.

Danielle Moss said...

Cute stuff! I especially love the first necklace!

Lauren said...

Hi, hopped on over from Danielle's blog!! VERY cute stuff, love your Christmas wish list!! :) Just wanted to say hi!!

Shauna and MacLean said...

Wow love the deals that you got. Isn't it such a wonderful time of the year, fall colours, new cookbooks and new clothes. YIPPEE Looks like you are having fun!

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