Saturday, December 5, 2009

Now my home matches my blog!

It took until today to finally put up the final touches to my Christmas decorations at home and to my surprise I clicked on my blog and found that Danielle had already posted my new blog design too! I love it, of and girly! Thanks Danielle!

So I thought I'd give you a tour of my home...

My new mailbox with a little cheer
Some of Santa's reindeer are waiting to greet you
Waiting for a little snow...
Come on in!
I put up two small trees this year. Thank goodness mom had two to spare along with many extra ornaments...some were mine that I've collected through the years.
I've had the pink Santa for about 15 years wrapped in Mom's attic waiting for a home all this time. I forgot about him actually and mom found him and brought him over. He matched my living room and the new pink glitter church I bought at Target.

The best deal of the season...the holiday china I bought at Goodwill for $15!
My hearth is a bit simple, but I love it.
The tree in my dining room has mostly pink, crystal, or glitter ornaments along with some old treasured ornaments my Grandmother gave me that were handmade by her friends.
The tree in my living room has a collection of everything from ornaments from students to ornaments of vacations I've taken.
Love the snowman towel and...
a snowman refrigerator!

a few close ups of some of my fav's:

this is my collection of asian/adoption ornaments. one has molly's name on it, the chinese dress, a chinese girl, a ladybug, and chinese take out ornament!
gumdrop tree

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Jill said...

Just as I had expected, your Christmas decorations are so cute and super girly! LOVE it. I really like the idea of two tall thin trees... very fancy.

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