Saturday, January 9, 2010

More Snow and my Christmas Present installed!

It's so funny...when the forecasters predicted a big snow we woke up to this:

Later the same day, we finally saw this:

And, now on day 3 it's finally beginning to look like a snow day! hilarious!

All that has amounted to 2 snow days for me. Hallelujah! I worked those days on a birthday lunch for my granny who is turning 80 years old...but had to cancel this morning because it was too "treacherous!" Northern people...don't laugh at us! We really can't drive in any of this in the south. We just don't know what to do! I also have read two book (this and this) and have caught up on all of my piles of magazines I was hoping to read during Christmas but didn't get too!

While I was off I was finally able to have my Christmas present installed!

Mom purchased this storm/security door to go on the front of the house. It makes the front look more complete I think and it also helps with the insulation of the front door which is really good on a snow day!

Hope you are staying warm where you are!


Shauna and MacLean said...

These are the times I wished we lived somewhere like Tennessee. We just put on our snow tires and go! MacLean has been out with food colouring and sprinkles decorating our front lawn. The house looks good love the front door. I need a new one so I am always admiring other peoples. We also need new outside lights I will get to it this summer. I am reading Silent Tears about an orphanage and am starting the Shack! Take care and stay warm!!!!

Jill said...

The snow is SO pretty! Yay, I'm glad you got 2 days off and you got a lot done. That's such a good feeling.

Angie said...

Liking the new door! I have been contemplating one...

We got quite a bit mroe snow from that last round...but as the week is supposed to be warm, I fear it will be a full week without snowdays! I will be glad come the end of May!

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