Saturday, January 2, 2010


resolve: to deal with successfully : clear up; to work out the resolution

Last year I posted some good resolutions here. I can honestly say I did not accomplish any of What does that say about me? In fact, I think I've had most of those exact same resolutions on my "list" for years and years. I'm not sure what I'm accomplishing in my life sometimes. I'm definitely not sure why I continue to torture myself with the same resolutions over and over again. I've accomplished many things in my life, I wonder why those accomplishments have never been things I've sought out to do?

Things I'm proud of in my life like:
* I graduated from high school, college, have a Masters Degree, and "Plus 30" in my field (Elementary Education)
* I am a National Board Certified Teacher (
* I've never been to drink occasionally but never more than one
* I've never let my barriers down in any kind of romantic relationship, I stand strong in my beliefs and expectations...It takes a REALLY GOOD man to beat no man at all!
* I rarely leave a shopping cart randomly parked in the parking lot at the grocery.
* I've learned to be a successful cook, party planner/giver, and home organizer.
* I take care of my grandmother's medical needs and finances each week...bless her!
* I keep my laundry done and my house clean.
* I have many great friends.
* I make lists and schedules for myself...lots of them!
* I iron my sheets.

These are all things that have come naturally for me. I've never had to put them on a list, I don't have to make myself do them, it's just easy. I guess that is the point of a resolve to change something in your life.

Even though I didn't accomplish anything on my list from January 2009 I still had some monumental things happen this year...

* I bought a house!! A very grown up thing to do and I finally "broke the apron strings" with my mom! ha! We do still talk about 4 times a day and only live 3 miles apart, but I'm officially on my own and that helps me to feel like I can make it!
* I officially switched to the special needs/waiting child list with my adoption. Things with Non Special Needs are moving SO SLOW at this rate who knows when I'd get a referral. I felt a definite sense of peace in making this move and am praying for the day I see my daughters face.
* I mowed my first lawn, got interested in yard work, gardening, and other home improvement things! I really love working on my home, inside and out. It feels great.
* I planned a fantastic summer vacation for mom and me (a cruise!)...this was so fun for us!

Again, these are all accomplishments I did not have to put on a list and/or work up to. It was the right time and so I did it!

So, this all brings me back to {resolutions} or {resolving to do something} in my life that will make me more successful or perhaps will make my life easier.

1. The first thing I'm starting out with this year is church...I have to start going! I love church, but haven't had the interest in going to church regularly for a long time. It has something to do with being 34 and single...with no kids. There isn't a place for me. I feel a bit lost. But I know I need to go, I need the weekly kick in the butt reminder that my life is more about me! So I have to go. every week. regardless of if i want to or not. Part of this may be to look for a new church. It doesn't matter, I just need to find a church home and be an active member.
2. Prioritizing my time...I waste a lot of time every day on the computer. I'm totally addicted to blogs. It's a real sickness I think! So from now on, I'm limiting myself to blogging only after I've exercised for the day and had a devotion for the day. I think my physical and spiritual health should be more important than seeing what is going on in offense b/c I heart all of you out there!
3. Clean up my debt and prepare for Molly...basically this is the year that I could become a mom! I'm so psyched about that! With the potential of finishing the adoption this year comes A LOT of expenses. I've got to start preparing now. I've already canceled a few "luxury" expenses for the new year like my subscription to Netflix, Maghound, and cable. Sad but true...I figure if I could live with 4 channels as a child I can do it now too. I do have a DVD player and can just re-watch old movies when there is nothing on.

So now, I'm signing off my computer for the day. I think I need to put a timer on myself! I hope you have a wonderful New Year and can write about some of your own accomplishments this year...whether they were your resolutions or not!

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Shauna and MacLean said...

What a wonderful reflection of your thoughts and resolve you are finding in your life. Thanks for sharing Amy, I too would love to say I will do less on the computer but I love my computer time and go through fits and starts with it.

Happy that you have your home and seem content in keeping close to your mom. I too lived 1 minute from my parents and now live 5 minutes they moved from a huge house to a smaller townhouse. I see them almost every day and want my daughter to spend as much time as she can with them. I look forward to continuing to watch as your life transforms from a single woman to a mom. It truly is life changing. Happy New Year from Niagara on the Lake which is currently having a wicked winter snow storm.

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