Sunday, January 31, 2010

snow day #2

just heard we get another snow day on monday!  this is getting nice...but we only have one more built in day after monday.  if we use any more weather days we will be going to school in june:(  not good!  but tomorrow i will continue to enjoy my time at home.  i've already accomplished a lot of things like
1.  finishing my tax return...looks good
2.  reading all of those magazines
3.  napping
4.  playing in the snow
5.  cleaning the house
6.  laundry
7.  tv watching

but tomorrow i really need to get some more things accomplished like...
1.  vacuuming
2.  patching and painting a spot on my ceiling
3.  getting my oil changed on my car
4.  grocery shopping
5.  ???

i attempted to build a snowman first in MANY years!  he turned out a bit skinny!
i also decorated for valentines

the day was so pretty with the bright blue sky and the bright white snow

i officially measured 4" of snow on my patio.  it would have been more, but the last several hours of snow turned to sleet and ice and that compacted the 'fluffiness' of the snow


Shauna and MacLean said...

I am so jealous, I could really use a snow day! wow you are lucky! Enjoy every minute.

Jill said...

Girl, I think I need to live in Nashville. I really really really need a "snow day." Enjoy tomorrow. I hope you get a lot done.

Angie said...

No snow day...but we are on a delay. We got more snow and less ice, I think. Today was gorgeous here, too...but I certainly didn't venture out to play in the snow!

Enjoy your day...could you add "Get new tires on Angie's car" to your list? I am sure the distance won't be an issue!

My word verification is "Restin" - that's what you should do tomorrow!

Kristen said...

Funny how in TN you have built in snow days in your school calendar. Here in WI we had NONE built in a few years ago. They've since changed their tune:)

Shauna and MacLean said...

I love your new blog it is amazing! I am going to have to find this Danielle and get her on my blog. thanks and hope you enjoyed your snow day!

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