Sunday, February 14, 2010

the adoption front...

it's been a busy week as i've been adjusting to my new official role as "mom" to molly...who now has a face to her name!  i've calmed down quite a bit from my initial weekend of pure shock and emotions.  i'm getting to the excited phase, although i'm still not 100% there for fear that something will go wrong and stop this adoption from happening at all.  i think after nearly 5 years of waiting that is a normal thought.

i've done a bit of research to molly's chinese name this week and also wanted to share some cute information from her referral.  This is her name in Chinese Characters:
曹小童 and was spelled out as:
Cao Xiao Tong
In her referral paperwork, the orphanage refers to her as "little tongtong".  i found out this week that "xiao" means small, little, young and "tong"  means child.  "cao" is her surname which offically means people of common.  in china there surname or last name is first.  the characters together mean "little one".  I'm thinking she was very small (and possibly malnourished) when they found her, although she was found within one week of her assumed birthday they describe that she was very hungry and didn't want to let go of the bottle after her feedings.  She'll love it in our house!  I encourage overeating!!!!!!!!! ha! But it does make you wonder how long she was abandoned for.  I try not to let my mind take me there for long, but still I do wonder if she was on the street for just hours or days?  I'm just so thankful she was found and cared for!  Thank you, Jesus! 

I've requested updated pictures, measurements, and also sent a few questions which I hope the orphanage responds to.  I've been tentatively picking out things to register for which has been fun!  I'm also searching for adoption grants to apply to in order to help pay for some of the final costs which really add up here at the end of the journey.

Now, one very interesting thing from her referral paperwork says that she has "double fold eyelids".  When I spoke to the Doctor who specializes in International Adoptions I asked her what that meant...thinking it may be a medical condition.  She laughed and said it was a sign of beauty in asian cultures!  The fact that it was included in her referral paperwork was to let me know they considered her very beautiful because of her eyes...I love that!  Now, in America we would never really distinguish between a person with double fold eyelids or without.  But in Asian countries it is very important.  In fact, it is the most popular surgery in Asia.  Women go in to cosmetically have their eyelids made "double fold" as quickly as some American women would get their hair colored!  Google it and see for yourself!

The most fun thing I have done this week is SORT CLOTHES!!!!  By far, the thing I look forward to the most is dressing and primping my baby girl.  I know there is the whole mother daughter bond, motherhood in general, teaching her how to be a good person, having someone to call my own, etc....but I just want to dress her up and take pictures all the time!  I have collected clothing now for nearly 5 years.  And most of it will fit her at some point in the future.  A few things are too small, but not many.  the majority of her clothes are hand me downs from Madison, things I've bought from Consignment, or yard sales.  She will be around 20 months old when I get her, but I think she will be very small (my little tongtong!) and will probably fit into 12 - 18 month clothing.
All of these piles of clothing were from Madison.  I spent some time sorting them into size piles in order to see how many clothes I may have to take to China when we travel.  Thank you, Ambre!

Her closet is already filling up!

Her summer dresses!!!!  These are my all time favorite things in the whole world...Smocked dresses for little girls!  OH how cute!  Most of these were Madison's dresses as well.  I am so glad to have them because smocked dresses are very expensive and as you can see she already has...10 dresses!  that should last through the summer.  all she needs are bows, tights, socks, and shoes to accessorize properly!


Angie said...

I, too, get weak in the knees over smocked dresses. I have 1 for Emma that I bought a LONG time ago...may fit for a month or so! Need to find some more!

Brittany said...

Hi! I've been following for a while, but don't think I've commented yet. I just wanted to say that I am so THRILLED for you that you are finally getting your baby girl!! Adoption is a wonderful thing!!

Mommy said...

Looks like you are getting prepared. So exciting!

Shauna and MacLean said...

Oh what a wonderful time this is for you. I am so happy to see the clothes going in the closet. It has been so long that I am just looking with glee at you getting ready. I remember it well.

Jill said...

Awww... I love the meaning of her name. I've heard about the "double folded eyes" from an Oprah episode a few years ago.

Girl, Molly is going to be a very well dressed little girl. I can't wait to see all these fancy dresses on her. Have you looked for hairbows on Etsy? I think they have some for cheap prices.

Unknown said...

I did not know about the eyelid surgery thing. I just googled it Can't wait to see the full pictures of your sweet one. I hope you can post them soon! Look at that big ole closet you can have fun filling. My poor girlies have to share a closet...I'm stressing a bit about having room for all those adorable dresses!

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