Sunday, February 14, 2010

valentines weekend with the kids

eddie and maddie spent friday night with me so mom and dad could have a weekend "off".  they are so funny, the cutest things come out of their mouths at these ages (2 and almost 4).  we played and ate good food, bathed, and {tried} to sleep.  our sleeping schedule looked something like this...
9pm...went to bed
they were too "scared" to sleep in the guest room so we all piled into my full size bed.  it was VERY scrunched!  eddie kept saying "it's dark" and "what's that noise" with everything he heard.  madison would not leave eddie alone so i tried to sleep in the middle to filter the contact between them both.  everytime i put him on the end of the bed, he wiggled his way back in between us!  just like a little puppy dog.  it was so cute!  finally they went to sleep...i, however did not!
as 1am i moved to the couch in the living room to try and get some sleep...
at 3am eddie came to find me and fell asleep then shortly after madison joined us...again 3 people on the couch trying to sleep!  they went to sleep so at
4am i went back to my bed to sleep and sure enough...
at 5am here they come to find me!  i was laughing so hard!  it was like "musical beds" at my house.
by 6am we were eating pancakes and bacon!

i had festive plates, cups, and straws which of course they loved!  we had a great valentines!


Heather said...

Hi - congrats on your referral. I found your blog through Kim's, I am the friend NOT on facebook that she was posting for, ha! I am also an AWAA family, actually associate and adopted twice. Our youngest son was from the SN list and is missing almost all his fingers and toes. If you have any questions or want to bounce anything off of me - I would be happy to talk. Our son has had two surgeries and truly has no limitations, he is a blessing and joy.

Our first daughter is also from Jiangxi, traveled with Kim, so if you have any questions there please let me know.


Jill said...

Your such a great Aunt. I'm not sure I would think it's funny if I didn't get any sleep. You're so much nicer than me. Ha!

Just think~ next Valentine's Day Molly will be home.

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