Monday, March 22, 2010

Doctor, Doctor give me the news...

Today I spent three hours with some wonderful doctors at the Vanderbilt International Adoption Clinic to review Molly's medical records from China and discuss her health and possible things to look for in China in regards to her health and attachment.  First I spoke with a medical doctor who specializes in International Adoption.  She was a wealth of information.  She had already spoken to a hand surgeon at Vanderbilt to confirm that Molly's hand and foot deformity was caused by Amniotic Band Syndrome.  This is what I had originally thought so it was good to have it confirmed by a specialist.  It is a rare congenital birth defect that has no known cause and is not a sign of any other underlying health problems.  I will contact and meet with the hand and foot surgeon this summer to get a full evaluation of her hands and feet after she has adjusted to home a bit.  The doctor also talked about a broad range of things to be aware of such as anemia, scabies, psychosocial behaviors, iodine deficiencies, etc.  She will talk to me again by phone before we travel to China and prescribe a few prescriptions for Molly just in case she needs them while in China.

The second person I met with was an Occupational Therapist who was very nice to talk to.  She didn't suspect any problems with Molly's hands and feet, but will observe her at least once to just make sure.  There is a possibility she may need therapy after surgery, but we'll just have to wait and see. 

The third person was Psychologist specializing in the needs of adoptive children.  She also gave me a wealth of information and spoke a lot about what life may be like for her in the orphanage and what a dramatic shock it will be like when we finally get her....speaking of shock I'm already in shock quite frankly! ha!

I was really glad to have these lengthy meetings with some professional in person and feel really confident that with the resources available to me we will be able to adjust just fine and get Molly the treatment she will need in order to be her best. 

I'm still waiting for TA (travel approval) to come and after that I will have exact travel dates! 

When I got home from my hectic day of schedules and meetings I was so overjoyed to have received my first official baby shower gift from a very sweet friend who I've actually never met (thanks Suzy!!!)  She is so thoughtful and always does the nicest things for me... like sends me gift cards at the beginning of school for school supplies for the class!  She's been a faithful blog reader through the years and is just genuinely a good person I think.

I do have two baby showers coming up soon and I am really excited about that!  To be single and childless at 35 years old and never "registered" for anything should be a crime!  When I went to Target to register and got the "gun" to scan the items... I did feel a bit strangely empowered by the whole experience!  ha!  Seriously, it was fun to walk through the aisles and think about what Molly will need when she gets home and I look forward to celebrating with my friends, family, and coworkers in the coming weeks!

Adoption, what a journey!!


groovy mama said...

What well prepared MAMA you are gonna be!...

I am sure Molly will adapt fairly quickly and all the love you shower her with will surprise you how wonderful she bonds. you will be surprise how well she does with her digits...Ella does wonderful and i know Molly will too!

Can't wait to read and see new pics of the HAIR in the other ones!


Betsy said...

Your daughter is just beautiful! We have two daughters from Chins who are affected by ABS. Annie's fingers on one hand were fused/shortened. Both her feet were affected (1/2 of one foot is missing and only one two on the other foot). Both of Bethany's hands were affected-4 fingers on each hand were fused and shortened. They have both been through several surgeries and are doing amazingly well. We have been so blessed by them and their little brother Jack (also from
China). Both girls were 4 years old when they came home (they are now 7 and 8). Here is our blog is you'd like to check it out:

Best wishes for safe and happy travels to bring your daughter home! Betsy

Jill said...

It sounds like the doctors gave you tons of good information. I'm glad you got to meet with them and how nice to be so close to Vanderbilt.

I'll continue to pray for little Molly... her health and attchment.

Shauna and MacLean said...

wow Amy, what an amazing place that has given you so much information. Molly will be in good hands! Take care and can't wait to see the photos of all the work you have been doing.

Becky said...

Our family also adopted a daughter with ABS. It is only one hand. When my youngest was pregnant, the doctor thought the babe she was pregnant with might have ABS and sent her for a special ultra sound. It was at that point, after researching, that I realized that was what our other daughter had.

Enjoy each moment of preparing for Emma. That is half the fun!

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