Sunday, March 28, 2010

Outside 'Tune Ups'

What else have I been up to?  I'm glad you asked.  I've been doing a lot outside as well.  I know when I come back home from China with Ms. Molly I will not have the time or energy to work out in my yard.  So I'm trying to get it all together now so it will be beautiful for spring and summer.  There is so much  to do!

I started the outside "renovations" by adding all weather proof lattice work to my patio area.  This area was already partially "roofed" and framed when I bought the house last summer.  The old lattice work was rotting so I took it all off last fall.  It was time to install some new...
It looks so pretty.  As you can see my flower beds are only half done.  Last fall I did plant over 100 tulip bulbs in this bed hoping they would appear this spring.  I was so happy to see them peeking out earlier this season.  I still need to add dirt and pine straw to make it look better.  I also have some empty spaces to plant some bigger things.  I want to plant some large hydrangea bushes in front of this lattice work.  I love the large blooms of a hydrangea!

My tulip poplar tree is about to burst in blooms!
The first sign of spring!
This doesn't look like a big project and it isn't pretty for sure, but this was a major project!  I had a thick, overgrown section of monkey grass that had not been trimmed out in many years.  I wanted it to be just grass only to look neater so I mowed it all down and then dug it all up to plant grass seed.  I then split all of the monkey grass and replanted it all around the house inside the existing flower beds.

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