Sunday, March 7, 2010

pet peeve!

do you have people who do this in your city?  you see the girl standing with a poster beside the red car...  here's another look

These kids (teenager I suppose) were surrounding this very busy intersection with posters begging for money.  I didn't pay attention long enough to see what they were "raising" money for.  But it's usually cheerleading, football leagues, or some travel baseball team that needs money.  They carry buckets around to car windows asking for donations and for some reason every time I see them it really crawls all over me!  I have no problem raising money for these kinds of needs, but for goodness sakes can we teach our children to "earn" these generous donations.  Wash a car, rake leaves, pick up trash, paint a garage, have a bake sale, ....etc.  Just DO something.  Honestly I'd be more inclined to give the local alcoholic/drug addicted/homeless person my money than these healthy, capable kids wasting their time on a beautiful Saturday when they could be actually LEARNING THE VALUE OF A DOLLAR! 

One day I'm going to get the courage to ask one of the adults with them if they could come to my house and work in my yard with me.  Then I'd be more than happy to make a generous donation!!!!!!!!!

I also have to wonder...and this is a whole new can of worms to open, but how many of these kids are A/B students? 

ok, that's it.  one of my #1 pet peeves.  I hope it wasn't your kids out there this weekend!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you! Not only does it help create an entitled attitude in the kids, but it's dangerous! I've seen kids running out in those busy intersections. Not to mention the fact that we teach our kids not to approach strangers' cars, even if they are called. How hard would it be for a driver to grab one of those kids and take off?

Yeah, I'll let my kids come work in your yard instead of standing out by the side of the street begging for money!


Teresa said...

Ditto what Jocelyn said!

Love for Lilly Yin said...

I agree completely, and also with crazy people targeting kids now days, you have to be really careful.

Lauren said...

I completely agree with you! It drives me crazy too and makes me wonder what kind of generation is being raised up to think everything should just be given to them! Not to mention the fact that its dangerous! They need to get off the road!

Jill said...

Amy, my feeling are so hurt. In high school I was one of "those" kids. I begged all the time on street corners for cash.

I'm totally kidding! :) I 100% agree with you! I begged my dad to let me have a job when I turned 16. I just don't understand why kids don't work these days. I loved working and having my own money.

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