Sunday, March 7, 2010

Renovations...harder than it seems

Ok, I'm well into my bathroom re-do.  I can't wait to have my house back together!  Between the bathroom and the floors still awaiting padding my house is a total disaster and I hate living in chaos!!  It makes me unsettled and I can't relax.  At all!  I have not had the TV on all weekend because I've been crammed into Molly's bathroom getting it ready for her.  A cause worthy of my hard work and 'antsy-ness' for sure, but still I'm so tired and I need another week off.

The good news is Spring Break is next week!  Yeah for me!  The bad news is that I have about 167 things to do in 5 short days.  This is why I began the bathroom this weekend...hoping to get a head start.

Before...tired maple cabinet, large gold framed mirror from 1988, plain white walls
Pink Tools, Paint Choices, and Inspirational Magazine
A soft shade of antique cream...not too yellow, not too gray
Behr @ Home Depot:  Cozy Cottage seems just right
Trim around mirror removed
Taking precautions before I start pulling the mirror down...I'm not sure how it's attached to the wall.
With a couple pulls it is down and I didn't even break it!  So happy about that!  And, as an added bonus The wall didn't tear up too much.

Paint Central
It is half done.  I have painted the walls and cabinets, now I am going to hang bead board wall paper on the bottom half, paint it white, and add trim through the middle and top of the walls.  I'll hopefully get that done this week.  Then I will have a new light fixture hung, the new mirror, and new faucets installed.  Oh how I wish I was a natural "handywoman" and could do those more difficult things myself!  One thing is for sure, when I get my house together, it will be a LONG time before I begin a new project!

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Jill said...

That is some serious work, Amy! I'm impressed.

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