Wednesday, April 7, 2010

{bunny} tails and tulips

On Good Friday Mom, Ambre, and I attempted to have the kids pictures taken in these cute outfits.  it didn't go so well, but I just had to show how cute the backs of the outfits were!  There was a little pom pom ball sewed in for the bunny tail!  So cute!
My yard is starting to show all the signs of spring.  It has been fun to see what is blooming out this spring since I moved in in July and wasn't really sure what would bloom and/or when.  This is some version of a tulip poplar tree I think.  That is also our state tree...I remembered that from 4th grade!
I was SO HAPPY  to see my tulips coming up this spring.  I planted over 100 bulbs in the fall because tulips are my favorite flower.  They are just so clean, simple, and beautiful.  We never had enough sun come through the trees at mom's house to plant bulbs so I really looked forward to doing this. 
I also planted hyacinth bulbs.  They smell so good!

Now my home is full of fresh bouquets that I grew in my own garden!  They are so cheery!


Angie said...

I miss my flowers...I had lots of daffodils and tulips at my old house...nothing here...wonder how mad they would get if I planted some next year? So pretty!

Angie said...

Love the pic of Madison leaning over and smelling the hyacinths! Sweet girl!

Jill said...

Maddie and Eddie's bunny outfits are adorable! Aww... fresh flowers. When I saw your post I thought about getting fresh flowers for my house but I'm leaving on Monday. :( Maybe next time I'm home.

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