Monday, May 10, 2010

First Mother's Day with Molly

Wow!  It was a great feeling to be able to celebrate Mother's Day this year with my daughter!  It was actually very surreal, but I'm so thankful for Molly.  She is perfect and adorable and I cannot imagine my life without her.  How can it be that God would work so hard to bring mother and daughter together for such a perfect and natural fit?  It's simply amazing! 


Molly is adjusting well.  She continues to blossom more and show more of her personality each day.  She's so stinkin' cute I can't stand it!  I can't believe I have a daughter with gorgeous hair to fix every day!  I'm loving that and for now she is very compliant and even enjoys me brushing and combing her hair.  She acts like it feels so good to her.  Although while shopping today she did pull out her cute orange and white UT hairbow and we lost it on Shaiman Island:(  I'm going to get her for that one!!  She tries to repeat things I say and today said "china" she also went up to Eddie and said a very southern TN "hi"!  We're not sure what she meant to say but it was pretty cute.  She babbles and sings a lot and I sometimes repeat what she's saying.  She follows many "directions" I give her when playing showing that she is really getting a grasp on English already.  Watching her grow is stunning!

We shopped for a couple hours today and managed to buy Ms. Molly 6 pair of squeaky shoes in many colors!  We also got the all the kids (Madison, Eddie, and Molly) Chinese outfits...can't wait to see them dressed together.  While on Shaiman Island Eddie and I hit up Lucy's Cafe which has traditional American food and he quickly scarfed down a steak and baked potato and I had a cheeseburger.  It was all great!!!!



We returned to the hotel in the afternoon and I had to complete lots of paperwork so Molly and Uncle Eddie had some play time together.  I had tried to get her to nap, but she would not comply (because I wasn't there for her to lay on top of!) and so Eddie let her just play...anything goes in China!  Tonight we had a traditional Chinese dinner that was good with the whole travel group.  Monday we will be at the hotel while our guides take our paperwork to the Consulate to get Molly's Visa approved.  Then in the afternoon we will shop again...although I think I'm running out of money!  Things are much better here in Guangzhou, but I know I'm ready for home as well.


 know it looks like she's falling off my shoulders, but she's not!  We were walking outside and she wouldn't walk, she only wanted to be held.  My whole body was hurting so I put her on my shoulders as it was a bit easier on my back and she slid down so that her face was right beside to skin!  Eddie and I just laughed so hard because she's always like that.  She has to be right on top of me...quite literally.  She does become independent in the room and in familiar surroundings, then she doesn't want me holding her back!  ha!)  I'm so glad she's been like that honestly, although it's been hard at times it has forced the bonding and attachment to come so much easier and naturally.  Everything that I had "planned" to do she insisted on anyway...eating on my lap face to face, co sleeping, holding, skin to skin contact, etc. 

I hope all the mothers reading this have/had a wonderful Mother's Day!


Shauna and MacLean said...

What a wonderful way to spend your first Mother's Day1 Looks like things are going well. I am sure you were glad to have food that is like home! Take care,

Ashley E. said...

What a wonderful first mother's day for you! Molly is just sooo cute and she does have great hair. If your anything like me, a lost hairbow means now I don't have two of the same kind! :)

Tricia Thompson said...

I just love the smiles! From both of you! She is just so cute and I am jealous of her hair. Maggie's is growing but not fast enough for me! LOL

I know you are exhausted - they don't weigh much but when you are having to tote her around all day it is hard. Love the on the shoulders idea - I wish I had thought of that one. But Maggie liked a stroller so that was good for me.

Have fun buying (and btw, thank you!!!) I know the outfits for eddie and madison will make a cute picture when you get home.

I'm so glad that God provided a great Mother's Day for you. You deserve it as you have waiting so long for this chapter of your life. I hope it was everything you had dreamed about - well the part of being in China probably not - but the emotional part I hope it was good!

Glad you found Lucy's - awesome!!! We also liked the German restaurant (train car outside the front - far at the end of the island if you are heading in Lucy's direction.) A little pricey but good food and really good drinks - even had a great one and I don't even drink!!!!

The Italian Restaurant next door to the German one is great also - not expensive. I hear Cow and Bridge is good - Thai food but we were not big on Thai food.

When you are ready for pizza - Pizza Hut is awesome. It is about a mile from the Hotel at the mall. We walked and it was easy but took you straight through the interesting part of China streets. All the snakes, starfish, eels, bugs, etc. But I loved it as it was real China. I have some pics on my website if you want to see before you go! Great Pizza. Do NOT eat at KFC - horrible and they do not have white meat chicken anywhere. Didn't know what it was! GROSS. McD's is good I hear.

Have fun!

groovy mama said...

She is So cute....lucky lady you are!...hope the paperwork goes smoothly. Also, check out sherry's place her shoes are very nice and very cheap! we got like 1o pairs for Ella there! Plus Sherry gives you a free necklace for Molly, jade!


KatieB. said...

That is quite a shoe collection! She should be so thrilled to have you as a mother ;) You two are adorable together and look like she was made to fit in your arms.

Unknown said...

This mother did have a great mother's day! Wonderful to see your pictures and hear your stories. If you are looking for some fun shopping off the island, go to One Link Plaza. Have a taxi take you there. Lots and lots of fun things to buy cheap from gadgets to toys to hair bows to purses and on and on. We spent about 2 hours there.

Jill said...

Happy Mother's Day, Amy! I know this must be the best Mother's Day for you. What a great memory... your first Mother's Day in China.

So, Molly had a UT hair bow.... you meant the University of Texas, right? Ha Ha!! I love your updates... keep them coming!

Dan and Karen said...

It looks like you had a very special Mother's day Amy! Molly is adorable!

I know soon you will be returning home, we are praying that your flight home is smooth and uneventful.



Candace said...

Well, I have been reading, it's early morning, here.... you are getting ready to come home.
I cried when I read the poem. It is so true. Although I really don't know Shep's circumstances, I imagine a rural area, with a girl that gave birth with a sweet husband by her side. When he was born, she loved him despite his cleft lip and palate,but just couldn't take care of him. So she asked God for another mother. Of course that is just what I imagine. And it's what I will tell him...

Skin to skin. That was the sweetest thing. You remember me doing that with hadley? It's called Kangaroo care and it promotes bonding.... obviously Molly already knew that.

I am also blown away by her already grasping English! Amazing!!! Of course, we know our kids are super smart, so we really aren't surprised.

Another UT bow is on the way... as well as a big "Pankin'" from Aunt Candace.

oh, how I wish I were at that airport....

patrick said...

What a joy to be able to say "Happy Mother's Day, Amy"! I'm sure it has been worth the wait....and will get even better every day. Congratulations! God is so good.

Praying for safe travel and lots of great memories.


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