Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Grandma's House/Daycare

Today we visited Grandma's house (my mom) who also will be Molly's daycare provider in August.  When we walked in the door and Molly saw all the kids her face just lit up!  She loved being around all of the kids and just jumped right in and played, laughed, smiled, and enjoyed herself.  We only stayed about 30 minutes, but she had a great time.  After that we went shopping, she had her first Chick fil a, and she took a long nap. 
She jumped right in at this table with 3 boys...should I be worried?  ha!
Her favorite part of the room...the stairs!
Juice Break...she's never drank juice for me, but suddenly with a group it looked appealing.
She dumped these necklaces out about 37 times!
 She did a few cheers with everyone to "Rocky Top"


Emily Doss said...

Don't you just pinch yourself sometimes- that we don't have to eat live and breathe adoption stuff and waiting anymore. So glad to see Molly in your world at home! LOVELY!

Jodee said...

It looks like she is going to have a blast at daycare! Cute pictures!

Danielle Moss said...


Becky said...

It looks like she will fit in well and also love it! But then, she is used to being around other children - something very familiar. I love her little outfits.

Dan and Karen said...

Ok, I have to confess to being a tad bit jealous. You look beautiful, radiant and put together! When we returned home from China our little one was awake for 24 hours a day for TWO WHOLE WEEKS. None of us looked pretty!

Molly looks like she is so comfortable in her new home. I loved her orphanage photos too, it's obvious she was happy and cared for.

We're continuing to pray for you as you settle into your new normal!

Jill said...

Amy, you make all this look so easy! You're doing such an amazing job. You're definitely a natural when it comes to motherhood.

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