Wednesday, May 19, 2010


in case you can't tell, ms. molly is full of personality!  each day it blooms more and more and sometimes she just cracks me up!  today was a big day for her.  we had an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon for his evaluation of her fingers and toes.  It went really well and Molly was so good!  She was so cute sitting on my lap in the x-ray room while the techs were positioning her tiny hands just right for each xray!  She will have surgery this summer on both hands and one foot.  I was hesitant to put her through surgery so quickly after our trip for attachment reasons, but the surgeon really felt it would be best to go ahead and do it this summer as apposed to waiting until next summer.  She will gain a lot of function and ease of use with the surgery. 

On her right hand she has a thumb and pointer that is perfect, however the other 3 fingers never formed and are "tied" at the knuckle.  He is going to release them to give her more range of motion for grasping things.  Although she still will not have full fingers she will have some movement with her palm and knuckles.

Her left hand has all 5 fingers although the ring finger is not fully formed.  The ring and middle finger are fused together causing her middle finger to grow crooked.  He will separate those two fingers to help with function and it will also help her middle finger to straighten.

Her left foot has all toes although the first two are short.  Her right foot is missing her big toe and the second and third toe are fused together.  He will separate those toes.

All of this will be in one surgery...outpatient and she will recover rather quickly.  One hand may be in a cast for a while.  I believe this is the only surgery she will ever need.  I'm so fortunate and thankful that she is healthy and happy in every other way!!

She was a big hit at the doctors office waving to everyone and saying her token phrase "hi"!  (said with gusto!)  Nobody could believe she has only been home for 6 days.  She understands things I say, directions I give her so well!  It's really been unbelievable watching her change.  After the doctor we went to the mall for lunch and a little shopping.  Once again she did so well...I rewarded her with two gorgeous Strasburg dresses! ha!!  I've walked through that store for about 15 years admiring the lovely dresses and have never bought anything!  Today it was so thrilling (I can't explain it, any mother out their with a love of beautiful clothing may understand) to have my daughter with me and to be able to buy her two dresses!  They are adorable and I will take pictures soon and show everyone.  After the shopping trip we went to mom's to visit the daycare and she totally let loose!  She LOVES playing with other children.  She is a bit rough...throwing things all the time (even at children), pushing, and shoving:(  So we have some work to do on socialization before we can start daycare! 

She was up all day today which I hope will help her to sleep all night tonight and finally put her in the right time zone!

( you see she is wearing your necklace??)


Danielle Moss said...

Awwww! I love it! I do see she is wearing it! So cute!!!!!!!

I love her little face! She is just so so so precious!

Shauna and MacLean said...

That is wonderful news Amy. What an amazing time you are both having growing together and becoming a family. I love seeing her smile she is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

groovy mama said...

You will be amazed how well she does with surgery! Ella was groovy in 2 days! I thought it helped with Bonding for us. I t gave more reason to hold and cuddle and teach her that it is okay! They learn so much so fast you will thankful you are having it done now!

Ella is getting her 2nd surgery on 7/7, more of the 'debulking' now that they are seperate! I will keep Molly in my prayers.

Melissa's Thoughts said...

You dress her so cute. I just love that your dreams came true. God bless your family.

Becky said...

When we would visit our son and his wife in SC, we would hit the Strasburg (sp) outlet. Oh how I loved those clothes too! But, I also like the colorful knits you are putting her in. She looks so nice in vivid colors!!

Tricia Thompson said...

She is so happy and I love it! Your yard is beautify by the way. I'm so glad that the doctor's visit went well. Glad things are going in the right direction. Still praying for good sleep for both of you!

Dan and Karen said...

Tooo cute for words Amy! She is doing so well! I'm so glad she will have her surgery done soon and will be on the path to recovery. Yayyyy.

Jill said...

Amy~ that's great that Molly will only need 1 outpatient surgery! Do you have a date scheduled yet? Molly just seems so happy and adjusted.... WOW!

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