Friday, June 18, 2010

pictures, open house, and tv watching

I haven't ordered any pictures of our trip to China and the following 6 weeks at home until this week...
this is what 2,000 pictures look like when you order them all at once!  I have a lot of work to do this weekend.  It's going to be near 100 degrees so Molly and I are staying home in the cool air and I will be working on sorting through these pictures in between playing.
Thursday evening Ambre and Eddie had an open house for friends and family who haven't seen the house yet.  Molly and Madison had on matching dresses that were so cute.  My granny bought them.  Madison and Eddie love Molly (and vice versa) and they always "take care of her".  It was so cute when they each took her hand and walked her inside their house!
the front it!
the entryway
the dining to come soon! ha!

the living room
guest bath...i love the little window!
master bedroom...gorgeous view!!
the master bath...who wouldn't love this??
great kitchen
the back patio
little ed's room
maddie's room

and finally this morning i fell to the temptation...i'm not proud of what these pictures show.  i let my child entertain herself while i posted this blog post! ha!  this is the first time she has shown any interest in tv and as you can see she is totally captivated!  
now if i could only encourage her to pick up all those toys with as much interest! ha!  i'm anxiously awaiting to see her professional pictures from last week's session.  they are to "arrive" in my inbox this a.m. and if I can I will post the link for you to see them as well.  I think they will be great.  have a great beginning to your weekend!

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Laurie said...

But Sid is very educational, so no worries. Allison has learned a TON from Sid- you'll like him. :) And oh, the pictures of your brother's house- uh, yea, I could live there without a problem. :)

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