Tuesday, June 22, 2010

what we've been up to

make sure you click to view the short video i posted below this post b/c it is so funny!  after you see all of these pictures you will understand why she was so exhausted!!  our summer days have been really busy and molly is enjoying every single minute of it all!
she loves her push toys and riding toys
she is so funny...she lifts the seat and sits on the opening there instead of the actual seat!

i don't know why her face is fuzzy :( but she has the best smile!  here we are enjoying a fresh smoothie on the kitchen floor.
and yes, this is why we had it in the kitchen...easy clean up!  
(thanks to aunt nancy for the great cups and the idea to start making smoothies!)
we spent the afternoon of father's day at the pool with ambre and madison.  we gave eddie a break and let him nap at home, in the cool air conditioned house with little eddie!
this is the cutest little bathing suit aunt ambre got for her at a yard sale!  it is a two piece (her first) but the top is like a shirt and not a true "bikini" which don't really fit babies that well!
check out madison's cool jumps!!  she is such a good swimmer!!
my little burrito!!
bathtime fun!!
some very smart person gave me this bubble machine at a shower and i love it!  i can't remember who, but if you are reading this then thank you!!  this little contraption saves me from blowing a million bubble a day.  you just poor in the bubbles and a little fan comes on and blows them through for you!  i set it up in her bathroom last night because it is so hot outside this week we just haven't been able to stay out for very long.  she loves it!  obviously!
trying to pop them
trying to eat them
"washing" her hair!  she started to do this after we got home and it just makes me laugh.  she will turn her head and get her hair wet and pretend to wash it.
like this
and more "washing"

{pictures for the following comments were removed b/c they show molly's mostly naked body and there are creepy people out there who may post them on a bad website, yucko!}

yes, that is her laying in the tub without the water!  i will drain it all out and she still lays there...sticking her hand down the drain trying to figure out where the water went???  you can see how much sun she is getting even with sunscreen on all the time if you compare her legs and arms to her torso and hiney.  isn't that the cutest little body you've ever seen???
and yes, after she is finally out of the tub she runs away from me
she loves this and thinks it is so funny for me to chase her {naked} little self around the house!
warning:  naked chinese-american hiney on the loose!!!  ha!
the end...pun intended!


Danielle Moss said...

She is SO cute!

3 Peanuts said...

She is just as cute as she can possibly be. Look like you are having a GREAT summer!

Lauren said...

HAHA! Love it! That last sentence made me laugh! :)

Mother Of Two said...

While adorable as your little girl is (and she is quite adorable)... as a mom who found my child's bath time photos on a not so friendly site being used in a not so friendly way... I would LOVE to encourage you to remove this post or at least the nakie butt photos. Don't get me wrong, keep them (they will be great in her wedding slideshow and blackmail) but don't post them on the interwebs. :)

Sorry if I sound awful or pessimistic or even fear mongering... but I thought it won't happen to me and then it did and it was an awful nightmare.

Amy Maze said...

thanks mother of two!
i am taking them down today. the thought passed through my head when i posted them, but since you and a friend reminded me i don't want that to happen! so gross what people can do!!

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