Monday, July 26, 2010


my grandmother is 88 years old.
she is one of my favorite people of all time!
her doctor recently took her driver's license away from her because
of a recent episode in the car where she got lost and drove around for 3 hours
and ended up an hour away from home
in a gas station 
at 11:00 at night!
I've known he was going to do this for a while, but didn't know how to tell her.
a car marks independence
she said she's been driving since she was 12 years old
i wouldn't doubt it
she was the oldest of 11 kids, she probably had major responsibilities at 12 years old
so when the doctor gave me this paperwork to send to the state department of safety i just 'sat' on them
hoping it would go away.
but, this weekend mom and i told her she couldn't drive
the department of transportation expects her to send in her drivers license within 20 days
when i told her that her doctor said she couldn't drive anymore 
 she called him a jackass!
it was priceless!
she still has spunk!!


groovy mama said...

GREAT STORY, Made me chuckle. Got to love g-ma and how lucky you still have yours!


Jill said...

This post was so sad until the end... a jackass, huh? Oh my gosh, SO funny!

Angie said...

Way too funny! Bless her heart - I know that must be so hard. I am glad you still have her to keep you hopping!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness funny! Your Grandma sounds just like my precious Granny that we lost two years ago, we miss her so much. Grandma's spunk will keep her going, she looks so sweet in her photo. Hope she has gotten over the disappointment of having her license taken away.

Lauren said...

Okay, your Grandma’s comment at the end made me LOL!!!!! HA!!

Cheryl said...

Bless her heart, it has to be hard. At her age, she can call him anything she wants to .... lol

Such a beautiful lady!

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