Sunday, July 11, 2010


everything is going well with molly.  she is healing nicely and hasn't seemed to be in any pain since surgery.  she is ms. independent, as most toddlers are, and has found a way to walk pretty well even with her casts weighting her down on one side of her body.  one bandage, on her left hand, was just wrapped to help healing and wasn't a full cast.  the dr. wanted it to stay on for at least a week but i walked in to get her this morning and she had taken it off:(  her fingers look really good on that hand.  that is the hand he only had to separate two fingers (her middle and ring) from the bottom.  they were already separated on the top.  so it was the least invasive procedure and appears to be healing.  i have been able to keep a band aid on them today and she kisses them frequently! ha!!  she is determined to eat by herself, so not that hand is free she is able to pick up and hold things better.  although i tried to insist she let me feed her to keep the fingers clean, she just wouldn't go for it!

yesterday we had lots of visitors and molly loved the extra attention.  today is just me and her.  i'm trying to take advantage of these moments to build attachment and continue to teach her to trust me and depend on me, as her mom and not just run to anybody to satisfy her needs.  she's usually pretty good at that but when she is overwhelmed by adults she tends to go to anybody. 

aunt nancy getting some molly time in yesterday!  molly LOVES nancy, she is our neighbor, not really our aunt but it just seems appropriate.  
today, getting around nicely on her own.
as you can see molly is very fashion conscious!  here she is sporting her new bracelets from aunt ambre.  

now i'll give you a little glimpse of the wonderful pictures i have from our photo shoot with Angela Crutcher.  She is a wonderful photographer and if you live in the Nashville area I highly recommend her!
  You may have noticed the picture on the wall to the right.  This is one of adorable!  Here is a closer look:
and this is one in my foyer
there are so many more, but these two are the big sizes I ordered and you can see them pretty well with a picture.


Danielle Moss said... happy to see Molly happy!!! She looks so cute with her little casts. What a sweetie :)

And I LOVE the photos (especially the one in the foyer). GORGEOUS.

Unknown said...

Oh the pictures are just great! I'm jealous! I gotta get some professional pics taken of me and my kiddos.

Love that Molly is even sporting silly bandz--my daughter is CRAZY for those silly things!

KatieB. said...

Glad to hear she's doing well! She's adorable. Just a ball of happiness! And, I love your pictures :)

brenna said...

Oh my gosh. I LOVE your pictures from the photographer!! They're GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I'm so glad to hear that she's healing nicely. I'll keep praying :)

Becky said...

Whoa. If all the pictures are as good as those I can see why you might have broke the bank. What a little monkey your Molly is! I am glad she is doing so well.

Shauna and MacLean said...

What a happy girl. She is so adorable. Love the framed photos they are stunning.

groovy mama said...

I love the sillybands...Ella loves them too! I like how you put them over the cast, pretty good thinking! She looks just great and a big old smile to prove it!

later on

Jill said...

Amy~ Yay... I'm glad Molly is feeling better! I LOVE the professional photos. The one of you and Molly is gorgeous. And, Molly's outfit in the photo... to die for!

Lauren said...

I am sooo glad she is healing great and those professional photos are gorgeous!! :)

Anonymous said...

Amy, I had you on my mind a lot lately so I came to check out your blog. I am glad I did! Now I can pray for you as you heal from this surgery you just faced. And I can pray for sweet Molly as she too, heals from her surgeries. Wow, you girls have been through a lot in a short time. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of you two in her room! I love this outfit on her too! Do you mind telling me where you got it? I would love it for Eliana. I, also, love the cute solid pink casual outfit on the last post. You have great taste in clothes for Molly! She is stylish!! Molly is just so adorable! I can't wait to get in touch with you next time we make it to Nashville. I sure would love for Elaina and Molly to meet again! Eliana is doing really well. We had her fully tested to make sure her heart was healthy now after her surgery in China. We got a clean report on her heart, fully healed! Praise God! Take care and stay in touch! Teresa Ward

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