Thursday, August 12, 2010

surgery recovery updates

 molly loves the carousel inside one of our local malls
 it just makes shopping so much more fun when you can take a quick and fun ride for a couple minutes!
 i thought after 3 1/2 weeks of having your arm in a cast in July, she deserved a little treat!
 she did finally have her final cast taken off!  the first one came off so easily (slipping off at the daycare after two weeks), but this one we had to get sawed off.
 she did really well allowing the technician to do his work even though the saw was really loud.
 she was so interested in looking at her new hand!  it was so cute!
 she kept kissing promote quick healing i guess!
 realizing her arm was no longer constrained, she jumped down to start playing!!
another quick kiss!

molly has completely recovered and her hands and feet look great!  her doctor was excellent and did a superb job.  she will not need any other surgeries in the future.  she is using them great and i think the surgery will help her have better use of her right hand especially.  

also, my surgery turned out fine as well.  i had a laperoscopy, hysteroscopy, and a d&c.  the dr. found endometriosis (pretty severe) and an ovarian cyst.  both of these things have caused me much pain in the past, but i just kind of got used to it.  she removed what she could of the endometriosis and drained the cyst.  she will put me on the depo-provara shot every 3 months to try to control the endometriosis.  i'm dreading this b/c i usually do not tolerate any kind of hormones well.  i'm pretty much a no medicine gal.  so we'll have to give it time and see how it goes.  it's all in an effort to preserve my ovaries until i get to a point where i dont' think i'll have children of my own.  thankfully with molly, i don't feel as devastated about the fact that i may never have children biologically.  at one time in the past, it would have hurt deeply.  but now, although i would love to marry and have children one day, i'm really ok with the "family" i've created.  God has shown me the incredible JOY found in adoption and I'd love to do it again if I have the chance.  

So I'm 35 now and basically I'd give myself until age 40 to see if I find the love of my life!  If it doesn't happen by the time I'm 40 (although I know many women have healthy babies past 40), I'll probably go ahead and have a hysterectomy.  Of course this plan could be altered if I have more problems, if I cannot take the drug she is prescribing, if it magically all goes away, if get the point.  But that is the tentative plan for now...preserving my ovaries for as long as possible.  

as far as the procedure I had done, it wasn't really bad.  I was sore for about a week and it was hard to lift Molly, but I'm all healed now just in time for school!  If anyone has experience (good, bad, or ugly) with the Depo-Provera shot let me know!
(From what I understand it is a complete estrogen birth control which stops your ovaries from releasing an egg each month.  Since my ovaries will be essentially not working it slows the endometriosis from growing.  Hope I got that brief explanation halfway correct)


Kristi said...

Glad to see Molly's hand is healing so nicely! Also, glad your procedures went well. My sister & I have both been on the depo shot before - my sister had a wonderful experience (besides gaining a little weight) completely stopped her periods. My experience was COMPLETELY different - I bled (not spotting but like a regular period) for well over 30 days before my dr decided depo wasn't for me & I went back on the pill. We are done having bio kids (we have 2 ages 9 & 11 and our adopted dd almost 3) - hopefully not done with adoption (need to keep working on the hubs!)....anyway, I have a unpredictable cycle so I stay on my birth control pills to make it a little more predictable & tolerable.

Dan and Karen said...

Nice update Amy, I've missed you!! I don't have any experience with the DP shot so I can't help you there, sorry.

I'm so glad Molly is done with her surgeries! We just had Sienna in today to the foot specialist...NO surgery required! Her legs/hips/ankles are all normal development and her feet are fine for now unless she has problems with shoes fitting otherwise no surgery...we couldn't believe it!

Her hand appt is next week. We know she has the "bone structure" for 1 more finger on her left hand and 2 more on her right...but they are not sure they will do anything because she has adapted so well without.

Glad to hear you are up and around and doing so well. Summer went fast, didn't it?

Blessings to you and Molly!


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