Wednesday, September 8, 2010

birthday clothes, check ups. and pictures

 Molly has so many birthday clothes, we started wearing them today!
 This cute dress with the "two" candles is from this etsy store... she also made her the cutest birthday hat to wear at her party that matches this dress.
 She loves running away from me in the mornings before we load up!
 Tonight we were practicing our "cheese" for our birthday pictures!
 If only she would cooperate this much next Friday when we are at the photographers!!!!
 I just had professional pictures taken this summer, but I really wanted to get some taken really close to her birthday as well.
 and, I have one more "summer" fancy dress that she hasn't even wore this summer.  I think it is going to be beautiful in the pictures...if she cooperates!
 She was full of herself tonight, but I didn't care!  I just let her be silly because we had been at a LONG doctors visit for a check up all afternoon.
 We waited for TWO HOURS to see her hand/foot surgeon for a check up...
 let me just say it was. not. pretty! 
 she cried
 and I cried!!! ha!  yes, I did literally cry in the office after we had waited an hour and the receptionist said it would be 45 MORE minutes!
 I could have done something really horrible like yell, scream, or cuss.  But, I chose to just cry it out...
But, now we are happy again!  Just another day in the days our lives!!

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Tanya said...

I just love reading your posts. The two of you remind me of my daughter and I.. Your daughter is a doll!! I am going to add you to my favorites on my blog page if that's okay with you...I always like to ask first. :o)

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