Monday, September 6, 2010

A Birthday Prayer, Day 6

On the sixth day of my prayers for Molly I'm praying for moral purity.  This is something that has been long forgotten in our country today.  Preteens and "tweens" are dressing more inappropriately by the day (especially girls) and everywhere kids turn they see, hear, and learn about sex.  Young adults are 'hooking up' at a moments notice.  Premarital sex is such a given in today's culture it is hardly ever even opposed...there is rarely even guilt involved.  It does concern me and ways heavily on my heart that I am raising a daughter amidst this mindset.  That is why this is such a big one for me to pray about.

My mom was so open to talk to me about this subject as I grew up, it was never really a 'weird' topic.  (Of course, my generation wasn't quite as sex crazed as we are now).  But she was also very honest in saying sex is only for a husband and wife.  period.  We are Christians and that is what the Bible says on the topic.  So I was very convicted on the subject of purity and never engaged in a relationship with a guy that would not have pleased God.  never have.  never did.  never will.  I have a daughter watching my every move now.  She will learn from what I do and have done.  That  thought frightens me at times.

I was also so blessed with a dad who showed a healthy affection and interest in me as a Father/Daughter relationship should be.  He loved me and showed his love in appropriate ways throughout my entire life.  So I never had a 'void to fill' like most girls do who engage in premarital sex at very young ages.  Molly, on the other hand, may never know the love of a father.  That is a concern for me.  I can never emulate the love or attention that a man (father figure) can give to her.  I know it is SO important in a young girl's development.  I pray that her need for attention from men will be fulfilled in healthy ways and that she would maintain moral purity.


Becky said...

I remember telling a co-worker of my daughter once, who had 'slammed her purity views', that she could be like the rest of the girls any time she wanted, but they could never be like her again. Even the attitude that adults have towards sexual purity makes me cringe. Tim and Beverly LaHaye have a wonderful book about this that I read with my youngest, chapter by chapter each evening.

Suzanne said...

Dear Amy,
I am right there with you!! I will join you in praying for Molly. Please join me in praying for Cate.
~I pray that our girls will embrace God's design for their lives...His plan for purity is for our good and His glory.
~I pray that God will continue to surround them with godly men and women who model Jesus for them.
~I pray that their hearts will reject the lies of the evil one and that the Lord will defeat those lies and fill their hearts with His truth...they are loved, they are His creation~their bodies and souls...they are His delight.
~I pray that there are 2 young men being raised in Christ-filled homes who are learning to love God with all their heart, soul and mind and will love and treasure our daughters as the gifts they are.
~I also pray that God is preparing 2 men to be husbands and daddies after His heart...but regardless...I pray that God continues to show us the way to be His presence to the little girls He's given us. May they see Jesus in us. May they know that they are safe and loved and they are family and that they have Mommas who would give their very lives for them.
~I pray that we trust His guidance and never let go of His hand as we raise these daughters of the King.

Momma to Catherine Elizabeth
Born: 3-1-06, Jiangxi, China
Joined with her Forever Family: 4-2-2007

Unknown said...

We love her and will do anything for her! She has a loving Father who will keep her safe.

Dan and Karen said...

Such a wonderful prayer Amy, and thankfully Molly does have the love of a father...THE Father. You are such a good Mama to Molly and I can't wait to watch her grow (although I know how you feel, let's keep them little as long as possible!).


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