Saturday, September 11, 2010

potty training and cheering!

we're so glad to be home this weekend and are enjoying watching Tennessee play on TV this weekend instead of in person!  Molly is decked out in her orange and white and cheering them on! 

Mom has said Molly has been using the potty at daycare because she has watches the big girls and wants to do what they are doing.  So this morning I decided we would give it another try.  We tried this summer, but it was too early.  Now she can say pee pee or poo poo and seems to know before when she needs to go.  She can also pull her panties on and off {sort of} on her own.  She has done a great job today!  I hope it lasts!!

 rocky top
 you'll always be
 home sweet home to me
 good ole' rocky top
 rocky top, tennessee

 go vols
 touchdown, tennessee!!!

 underwear bandit!!!  do you like this look?
 molly put her own underwear on after only looks like a thong!
 ms. independent!  she has cracked me up all day with her panties!  she is so funny!
 she insisted on doing it all herself!
 we have been taking panties on and off all day...
 she also loves to shut the door and pee pee in privacy!
 i've seen a lot of this today, too!
 it's been hilarious!  she has become really good at walking and running with panties around her ankles!
 hopefully she'll grow out of this! ha!
 she has only had two minor accidents all day.
 she feels like such a big girl!
she loves her new big girl undies too!


KatieB. said...

Awww she may kill you for those pictures one day, but it's so cute!

Becky said...

One night we were at my daughter's and I kept hearing one of her triplets yell, 'Give me some privacy, give me some privacy!' Bathroom time was generally a community affair. When I would use theirs, there would be 6 little hands under the door. I told him he was 3, he didn't need privacy! It sounded so funny.

Angie said...

HY.STER.I.CAL! I am laughing all over myself! I might just pee in my pants! Go Molly!

Lauren said...

This post makes me laugh, ha!!

Tricia Thompson said...

I love it! Molly is cracking me up - get it? LOL I'm so impressed with her potty training skills. She needs to teach Maggie a thing or two. Love the prayers for her this month too.

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