Tuesday, September 21, 2010

stuff, stuff, and more stuff...and MRSA again!

for some reason i decided to torture myself this weekend and have a yard sale the day before molly's birthday party????  what is wrong with me???  i think motherhood caused me to temporarily go insane on this decision, but i did have a cohort in my insanity...mom joined me.  we have done yard sales before and every time declare we will never do them again! ha!  this time, i mean it...i will never have a yard sale again! 

mom and i both give to goodwill throughout the year, but recently have just accumulated so much junk we thought we'd try to earn a little money.  it was so not worth it!  yard sales are hard...you have to organize your stuff, price your stuff (to practically give it away), set it all up (mom had to transport her stuff to my house), advertise, put out signs, and then wake up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday. 
look at all of our great "junk"...

most of those large toys in the yard were from mom's daycare.  things she couldn't use anymore.  i had tons of girls shoes and clothing that molly had either outgrown or things i didn't want to store.  my house is really small...a great size for us, but not for clutter.  the older i get the more practical i become in keeping things neat and organized.  i have a few select things in larger sizes for molly in the the upcoming years, but i simply don't have the storage space to keep "play clothes" that are hand me downs unless they are really something great.  i'll keep name brand dresses and shoes that show little wear, otherwise i only buy for the current season. 

as for myself, if i buy more clothes and/or shoes i always try to get rid of something in it's place.  otherwise you just have a closet chock full of stuff you never wear. 

and decorating...now that i have a house i have really had to stop myself from hoarding "stuff".  i love goodwill, yardsales, and consignment shops but i've had to be extra conscientious about what i'm buying to be sure i have a place to put it. 

mom and i gave away 3 great christmas trees b/c they were not pre-lit...a little snobbish yes, but i will not have time to string lights on a tree this year!  it's going to be pre-lit from now on. 

anyway, we sold about 1/4 of this stuff earning a whopping $150ish and loaded every last bit of it up and took it to goodwill.  oh, what i would give to re-do that decision again.  because we were both so exhausted from the yard sale i couldn't even begin to think about the party until sunday and i just felt so rushed all weekend.  i mean, on sunday i was like...ok molly today is your birthday, now go in your room and play by yourself so i can cook and clean! ha!  terrible!  

to top the weekend off, as if we didn't have enough going on molly got a sore on her finger (possibly from a hangnail or cuticle that she pulled off) and it became really infected.  so during the sale i left mom on her own and took molly to the dr. where they prescribed an antibiotic.  she said once you have a history of mrsa, they just treat things like this as if it is mrsa.  her finger looked exactly like mine did in june when i had to go to the er.  we have been keeping it covered and taking her medicine ritually, so i really hope it heals itself and no further action is needed.  

Did you know that almost 30% of the HEALTHY population has the MRSA bacteria in their nose and skin!!! That means one out of three people in your very family, work, or school have the same bacteria.

MRSA isn't easily spread. MRSA isn't an infectious organism, it's a colonizer. It colonizes on the skin, back of the throat, and in the nose. So you have to already have a colony of this bacteria before you can get infected.  MRSA isn't any more dangerous or easy to transfer than non-MRSA bugs, it's just harder to treat...that is the tricky part!

Today I took a sick day because I woke up with a stomach bug.  Thankfully it has passed and I am feeling better.  I am not sure if I was sick due to exhaustion or actually picked up a bug of some kind.  But I really hope that Molly and I both get back to 100% soon!  Between both of our MRSA cases and this stomach bug I feel like our immune systems are not at their best.  I'm normally a very healthy person and I think Molly is too.  We just happen to have caught these bugs at the beginning of school and it has thrown me for a loop!


Brittany said...

MRSA has been a common word in my parents household. My dad has had it several times. :( Hoping for the best and sending prayers your way!

Danielle Moss said...

I cannot believe how ORGANIZED the sale looks. I suppose you have gone a little nuts trying to do that before Molly's party, but sometimes being a little crazy isn't SO bad ;)

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