Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 2 of Fall Break...Mama's got a brand new tool!!!

It's funny how your wish list changes when you become a homeowner!  I'll always be a lover of all girly things (makeup, purses, accessories, and shoes), but more recently I'm interested in buying this like power tools, power washers, and power-ful men to do the job for me!  OK, not really on the last one, but just sort of.  I could never afford to hire someone to do all of the dirty work around my house and I enjoy doing it...when I have the time and the proper tools.  So this week I bought a hedge trimmer and started cutting away.  It was so empowering!  Really, girls you should try it!

Luckily the good folks at CSN stores will be helping me to buy the next item on my list.  Have you ever shopped with them?   The CSN stores has over 200 online stores with anything from shoes, to modern bar stools, great cookware, or pressure washers!  One year ago I was grateful to receive a food processor from them.  I use it a lot.  And just this spring I bought several toys for Molly's Christmas this year.  This time I am considering a pressure washer or other item for home improvement.  Click on over and see what great things you may be interested in!
Some more experienced trimmers may scoff at my measly trimmer, but it does the work I need done so I'm happy.  It's almost like using a chain saw and I've always wanted to use one of those things, but I'm too chicken to handle something so dangerous!
My holly tree in now perfectly shaped, it was way too overgrown.  Now, you can see all the bare spots in it, but hopefully they will fill in next year.
I also got a hold of my evergreen, which looks much better from the other side.  This side...not so much.  I'm not sure it will grow out and fill in these bare spots.  But, we'll see.  It smelled just like Christmas with all of these trimmings on the ground!
Molly was happy to watch and help mommy as needed!
The pretty side to the evergreen
I pulled up my impatients, cut back the hastas, planted tulip bulbs for spring, and put down pine straw.  Everything looks much better.
This red mum was planted last fall and bloomed out so pretty this year.  I'm hoping to plant the two yellow ones on the porch after Halloween.
I trimmed my redbud tree in the back and have all of this laying in my yard as my "trophy"...see what I can do???
I was on a roll, so I took those hedge trimmers all around the house and trimmed everything in sight.  I'm not sure if I'm cutting things back in the right season or not.  But it was too exciting to just put them in the garage until spring!
It's all a work in $1 wheel barrow need some hay and an orange bow around the handle.  But I just haven't had time.

No house work today, Molly and I are off to the zoo!  It's a gorgeous fall day and we want to be outside!

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Cheryl said...

You did a great job!
Love the fall decorations.

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