Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

we got a head start on halloween
because we had 4 costumes that were all the perfect size for her now
of course we had to try them all
we've been practicing 'trick or treat' all week!

i had a little party at my house on halloween night
i just love halloween night...seeing all the little kids dressed up
and living in a neighborhood where you can actually trick or treat!

molly had a great time!
i'm exhausted! ha!!
here's a look at her and all of her beautiful costumes:

i bought this dress at a consignment store for $4...try finding a disney dress for that anywhere else?  and to find them in 18 month sizes is more difficult. it is beautiful, but not comfortable.  very itchy and scratchy.  the shoes were from a consignment store also.
aunt ambre gave her the beginnings of this costume...the skirt.  then i saw the tights and shoes in a consignment store and bought the shirt on etsy.
aunt judy gave her this one, it was so cute!  we went to cracker barrel and ate dinner in this costume and she literally drew a crowd of about 15 people when we left...all enamored by the cute little ladybug with the squeaky shoes!  several ladies took her picture, one lady was about in tears b/c her daughter had the same costume at this age and she is now 15 years old.  (made me enjoy the night even more...realizing how quickly this time will pass), one lady went to the car to get her husband to come back into the store to see her!  it was hilarious! 

 aunt ambre bought her this costume and it was a perfect fit.  she just loved the wings on it and pretending to fly.  she also loved the makeup!

what is your favorite costume??


Laurie said...

My vote is for Fancy Molly, but she sure looks precious in all of them!!

Ashley E. said...

Oh my word, she is precious. I really like the butterfly!!!

Jill said...

LOVE, LOVE all the costumes! It cracks me up that Molly had 4 costumes this year. So fun!

Lauren said...

Soooooooo cute!!!!! :)

KatieB. said...

She's so beautiful! And, I love your collages. I vote for all of them :)

Cheryl said...

Love them all, but my favorite is Cinderella.

groovy mama said...

Oh MY amy, you are one FUN mommy! I want to come to your house next year for halloween-WOW!
LOVE the pics and all the food, yummy!

I love the princess one, she wore it well, so pretty!

happy fall!

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