Sunday, October 3, 2010

my little pumpkin

 This weekend I was able to cross off one of those things that I had been wanting to do forever before motherhood came my way.  It sounds trivial, but I always wanted to take my little one to a pumpkin patch...dressed especially cute!  I've uploaded way too many pictures of this fun time, but as you can see, we had a great time.

 Preparing to leave, waiting for Mama Maze and playing in the dead leaves.  (sadly my maple tree has lost almost all of it's leaves before they changed for fall:(
 Oh, the cuteness of this dress, plus tights, plus Mary Janes...I can't help myself!

 You can buy one here

 It was a great fall day!

 I'm trying to teach her to look at the camera when I say "cheese" ...she will say "happy" and smile but will not look at me!!  How do you get your kids to looks at the camera??
 Beautiful Madison
 Real Pigs
 Trying, trying to get a family never worked:(
 Aunt Ambre and my little pumpkin
 Farmer Eddie

 Picking the perfect pumpkin

 another attempt at a family photo...
 our little pumpkin patch

 the Maze's in the corn maze

 this was funny, they had this stall of corn for kids to play in like a sand box.  Molly was very unsure about it! She tiptoed around it wondering what the deal was!!

 she liked the see saw better

 another maze
 this was really fun!  they had these huge drain/gutter pipes (?) that the kids could slide down on a potato sack

 of course little daredevil eddie wanted to go down on his belly!

 the hay mountain

 molly has decided to be pals with uncle eddie now that we are home...she even called him daddy a couple weeks ago!

 getting a pumpkin balloon made

 these were the cutest little pigs!
 getting her face painted

 of course we requested for her pumpkin to have polka dots to match her dress!

 all together a perfect fall weekend!!


groovy mama said...

Oh my goodness girl, what a bunch of CUTE photos, you all are having a good ole life....SO HAPPY for you! I love the corn box, that looks like my speed! Molly is so sweet and you are such a good mom!

Brittany said...

What wonderful pictures!!! I just love the dress!

Cheryl said...

Love the outfit, she is such a beautiful child. Looks like every one had a great time !
(great that your dream came true!)

Lauren said...

This pictures are beyond precious!!!! Love her outfit!!!!!!!!!

Judi said...

What a fun day for all of you! The dress is so cute! We are planning a trip to a pumpkin farm ourselves. Can't wait to see Haleigh take it all in!

3 Peanuts said...

Oh how CUTE!!!!!! I have photos JUTS like this form 2 years ago...Kate dress is black though and she was in one of those giant drain pipes too. It brought back good memories. We need to go do this soon too!!!


Shauna and MacLean said...

So cute love it!!!

Shauna and MacLean said...

Love the new blog set up it is amaezing

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