Thursday, October 28, 2010


My mom was the 4th girl born
Grandma named her Gloria Diane
Gloria because she was born 2 days before Christmas
Diane because she liked it I guess
a few years later, after mom was in Elementary school her oldest sister Shelby told her she should spell her name Dyeanne because she saw someone famous spell their name that way.
She thought it would be much "prettier".
So my mom did what she was told and just changed the name of her spelling when she was in 5th grade.
She goes by Dyeanne and not Gloria.
I'm not sure if Grandma Sherrill really ever knew what the sisters had cooked up in changing her name.
But, it became her official name and is on all of her important documents except her birth certificate.
It has the original spelling. mom's niece Kim (pictured here in purple) is named
Kimberly Dyeanne (she was the first to take on mom's middle name, her mom is Shelby)
then I came along, Amy Dyeanne
Kim's first daughter also has the name, Hailey Dyeanne
(Hailey was not with us this weekend to make this picture totally complete:()
and  now my daughter carries on the name and the more unique spelling, Molly Dyeanne

(Oh and btw, my cousin Kim is the mother of 11 kids ages 8-30 and the grandma to 1!  Can you believe that???)


KatieB. said...

I love that story! Aren't family stories like that just the coolest?

caryn said...

I love when a name is passed down in a family. My 2 1/2 year old, Ellen Victoria (nickname Ellie), is named after my mother who passed away & best friend. I never liked my mother's name growing up but now I love that my little girl is named in honor of her. We didn't find out what we were having and never told what our girl name was and to see my Dad melt when we told him her name was just priceless.

I also love unusual spelling for more common names. I have a common name Karen, but spell it Caryn. Growing up I always wanted it to start with a K since cursive K's are prettier!

Cheryl said...

Great story, but 11 kids. She is a better person than me.

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