Saturday, October 23, 2010

Zoo Day

Molly and I went to the Nashville Zoo on Thursday.  It was a gorgeous fall day and we had the best time leisurely strolling through the zoo.  She really was interested in looking at the animals and mimicking their noises or body movements.  She was also really intrigued, as usual with the children we passed along the way.  If there were "big kids" walking by, she would sort of walk "with" them pretending to be in the crowd!  It was so funny!

The flamingos were probably the most interesting animal there.  They are new to the Nashville Zoo and they are just very interesting wit there long neck rolled over their body and one leg stand.  Molly tried to stand on one leg too!


Cheryl said...

Such a nice looking zoo.
Glad you had a good time!

Kelly Rogers said...

We were there on Thursday as well. Wish we had run into you. It was a gorgeous day for a trip to the zoo.


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