Wednesday, November 10, 2010

From Santa

Sarah, over at Clover Lane is hosting a linky party to share favorite toys.  As usual, her recommendations do not disapoint!  I thought I'd join in and share what {i think} Santa may bring Molly this year:

 a baby bed ( he got a good deal on this at a yard sale this summer...santa is very frugal!)
 a doctor kit (this was free, thanks to a product review from CSN stores!)
 I love Corolle Dolls, they are so pretty!  Molly has one small one, so Santa is bringing her a  larger one.
 A doll stroller, again this was FREE thanks to CSN stores!
 A baby seat...another great deal thanks to a summer yard sale!
 Meal time prep, another freebie from CSN stores!
 A highchair, FREE from CSN stores!
 A grocery cart, yes it was free too!
An iron board, the last freebie!  She loves to pretend to iron when I am ironing.  I try to iron and prepare all of our clothes for the week on Sunday afternoon.  So she sees me there each week!  I hope her interest in ironing continues through the years...ha!

So as you can see, Santa has only had to splurge on buying the baby doll and the 2 yard sale items for this year's Christmas gifts.  She has a few other small items to throw into the mix, but this is basically it.  She is very into dolls right now and wants to brush their hair, give them baths, dress and undress them.  She is a great mommy!  I imagine, if she's like me, she will get a doll every Christmas!  My mom still has most of my dolls and I can't wait to show them to Molly when she is old enough. With all of this loot, she should stay busy playing after Christmas while mommy takes down the Christmas decorations and cleans the house! ha!!! 

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