Tuesday, November 2, 2010

a look back...october clothes

i can't believe the month of October is already gone!
after the trick or treaters  were all gone and my own little butterfly was sleeping soundly i got a burst of energy and packed up all of my halloween decorations and replaced everything with thanksgiving decor.  since it's only 3 weeks until the week of thanksgiving i thought i better get it done so we can enjoy it!

talk about fast...i know the year will be over before i know it
so i wanted to take a moment to look back of some of my favorite things molly had in her closet for the month of october
most of these things were ordered from etsy...my latest obsession
finally having a daughter means i get to dress her up as my own living baby doll
and that is exactly what i've enjoyed doing.

i wish i could freeze her at this size and age for a long time
she's already growing way too fast and i know that all too soon
she will no longer wear the cutesy things i buy her

i think she will be able to get another year's wear out of most of these dresses, though.
and that makes me look forward to next year too!

...just wait to see what i've got in her closet for November and December...it's going to be cute!!
(just realized the football helmet outfit is duplicated:( it's too complicated to change it now, so just pretend i didn't do that!)


Lauren said...

SO cute!!!!! :)

Ashley E. said...

I can't wait to see her Christmas outfits!!

Cheryl said...

Want be long until Christmas and I can't wait to see all the outfits.

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