Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year

i'm not going to make any new year resolutions
you can read about my 2009 resolutions here
i didn't keep any of those resolutions
so i think for 2011 i'll just say, "ditto"

as i thought about the end of 2010, i asked myself what did i do this year???
here's a recap:
staying warm by the fire, blogging, and movie watching
snow days
girlfriends came and we went to aunt judy's {this is a week or two before i saw molly's face for the first time:)}

reading for snow days

lots of snow!!!
loved the snow!!!!

saw my daughter for the first time

couldn't believe it was finally my turn

i thought she was beautiful, LOVED this pink ruffled dress on her, and was impressed with her head of thick raven black hair...a true beauty!

these two spent the night and tested out molly's new toys

i nested and sorted all of molly's clothes
i turned 35, i was a mom, i was preparing to travel to china, my dream had come true!

MARCH 2010
my house flooded
all because of one little pipe:(

bathroom remodel

madison turned 4
officially received molly's referral

completed bathroom remodel

tulips started to bloom and patio lattice installed
APRIL 2010
APRIL 2010

moved in molly's furniture
took the kids for easter pics

easter egg hunt

finished molly's nursery

my first fun!

my third grade team, love them!

cleaned up, painted, and prepared garage for molly

had big shower at church, love these women!

everything was such a blessing

MAY 2010
{this month was pretty huge...obviously}
china bound

rickshaw ride

molly day!!!  i'm a mom!
nashville had a terrible flood while we were in china

so happy to be home!!

the happest moment of my life...being in my home with my daughter
getting used to home
first time at daycare
making my debut at a family reunion
bonding with cousins
her first stride rites
first swim in a pool

JUNE 2010
a boy brought you flowers

we played outside

you had professional pics taken in this cute outfit
we swam with the cousins
eddie and maddie really showed you the ropes!

you became interested in tv
we took kindermusik class with ms. amy
i had mrsa and was hospitalized for a day
we had exhausting days

i introduced you to yard sales

and cleaning
JULY 2010
fireworks 'on the lawn'
you had surgery on both hands and one foot
adapting to casts and boo boos
the second cast, you removed the first one...houdini
annual classroom trip with madison

and bakery

i was missing my little we had a day too.  he loves guitars this year

eddie turned 3 years old
school starts
you were hospitalized overnight with mrsa:(  so sad!
we introduced you to ut football
orange is a good color for you!
your daycare bday party

nightmare yard sale the same weekend of your bday...bad decision!

you turned 2 years old!
we went to the pumpkin patch
your first dentist appointment

fall yard work

two year dr. appointment
zoo trip
4 generations, grandma sherrill turns 89
my princess
trick or treating with maddie and eddie to aunt nancy's house!
my gorgeous butterfly on halloween!
cooking with mama

taking pictures for our christmas card
your first santa spotting
dancing with the rockettes

your first thanksgiving
decorating the tree

baking christmas goodies
santa pics
you became very motherly

loving madison!

staying warm with mommy
your first snow!
showing off my christmas present at the mall!
dressing up with madison
mama maze's bday
christmas eve at church

santa's cookies

aunt nancy reading the night before christmas before bedtime

Christmas morning

a white christmas
your first haircut
happy again...using scissors...not on your hair, please!!

 after all of that, i'm exhausted!  if you are still reading this, i hope you have a fantastic 2011.  i look forward to what God will teach me this year as I embark farther along on my journey through motherhood {and life}.


Cheryl said...

I have enjoyed following your blog this 2010. Thank you for sharing your life and miss molly with us.
Happy New Year you 2 !

Dan and Karen said...

How fun to look back on this year and realize I have "known" you almost this whole last year! How wonderful that we both found the girls who were meant to be our daughters in 2010 and in that finding we found each other.

May God richly bless you and Molly in 2011! So honored and proud to know such a Godly woman and mother.


Danielle Moss said...

Happy New Year! What a year! Love all these photos.

Got your order form and tried to email you but the email was returned to me.

Anonymous said...

i am not sure how i happened upon your blog but what a truly amazing journey you have have a very very lucky that my children are grown - daughter 28 and married this year, son 18 just started at the United States Naval Academy it really makes me smile to see what a wonderful life you have made for yourself and your daughter.....dreams really do come true to those who believe......Bailey

Love for Lilly Yin said...

Amy is she is so beautiful, and I am so happy for you! You have to tell me who makes all of her custom stuff, please!

groovy mama said...

Holy Bonkers 2 have way too much fun! What a great great mom you are and what a great family you have! Love all the pics, but i love the pic of mama maze with the 3 kids....happy new year!.....

if you are interested in another little sister for Molly, Hondrus is open for single and my agency is giving referral quick!

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