Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a good rule

I love reading Sarah's blog over at Clover Lane.  I swear I'm addicted to her simple, organized, and seemingly calm life!  I have lots of blogs I like to check on each day, but she is usually at the top of my list.  Today I somehow clicked over to an older post of hers and this "rule" of hers stuck out to me...

6. Your children need you to be happy, secure, calm and unstressed...not popular, skinny, well-dressed and rich. Don't be tempted by the status quo.

I thought this was so well said and I guess I feel like this is one "rule" I can follow.  I'll never be skinny or rich, but I can definately be happy, secure, calm, and unstressed!  Of course, lots of snow days help me to keep calm and unstressed through the winter time! ha!  Nashville is looking at another possibility of snow this week which means more snow days at home for Molly and me!  YEAH!!  If you happen to have a snow day this winter, take some time to sit back and read a few of Sarah's posts over at Clover Lane.  I'm sure she'll inspire you  too!  And if you do not feel like you are showing your kids that you are happy, secure, calm, and unstressed, I encourage you to figure out what the hiccups are in your life and get them sorted through.  Nobody's life is perfect, but our kids feel our stressors more than we know and realize.  Honestly, I know that Molly doesn't care that I'm not a skinny mom.  But, she does care that I am steady, calm, and dependable.  Routine and rituals have made the most difference in her adjustment and attachment period. 
Maybe one day I'll magically turn into a skinny mom...but I won't "stress" about it! ha!

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caryn said...

So true! I LOVE that rule.

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