Saturday, January 8, 2011

some things...

we're preparing for some serious winter weather in nashville
unless the forecasters have it a little exagerated (and that is always a possibility)
it looks like we'll be snowed in for a few days
and nothing makes me happier!!
it is flurrying now with hopes of several inches by monday

molly and i are doing laundry and cleaning today
tomorrow is my granny's 81st birthday

granny works with mom at the daycare everyday
i'm really thankful that molly has the privilege of staying with both her grandmother and great-grandmother each day
that is a very rare treat!
we are cooking lunch for granny after church tomorrow to celebrate

on another is also elvis' birthday
just in case you didn't know
he would have been 76 years old
we take his birthday seriously in tennessee
if you've never visited graceland, it is a really interesting day trip
you should definitely take it in
you can make fun pictures of you and the king (thanks to technology) like this one:

in other started back in full force this week
after 4 days with students, i'm still hoping for some snow days this week {just being honest!}
we had to rearrange some student's class assignments before christmas 
and it worked out in my favor big time
i only have 16 students in my homeroom class
i've never had a class that small in all my years of teaching
i almost don't know what to think about it!
it's really great!

molly has been using the potty like a pro
i'm not surprised she has done so well
she is VERY independent and determined!
i probably am jinxing myself to even write it down
but, she insists on going by herself, pulling her pants and panties down by herself
and then pulling them all back on by herself
no help needed!
she even wants to clean up the potty after, but i had to draw the line there
she didn't have such a great aim going from potty to toilet! ha!

molly and i have started attending my home church on sundays for worship
the church i was attending for the past several years, a large mega church is so wonderful
and they really have a heart for adoption which is what drew me to it in the first place
but it's 25 minutes from our house and it just wasn't working for us
an hour commute on sundays is not my cup of tea!!
molly wasn't happy in the nursery there and i didn't force it b/c i just didn't think she was ready
we like being with each other 24/7 on the weekends!ha!!!
so, last sunday we went to church and molly sat with me {and granny:)} in worship for the hour
and she did so well!!
i packed a bag full of silent activities (coloring & stickers mainly)
and she was entertained the whole time
besides a few loud talking moments she did great!
she loved the singing and music
and i actually was able to follow the sermon pretty well
i think that is all we need now
i was stressing myself out about the whole church thing 
b/c i want her to be in the habit of going to church on sundays
but i didn't want it to become a stressful ordeal
my home church is about 10 minutes from home
so we can leave home for worship at 10 am and be back home for lunch by 1130 am
eat lunch and be in bed for a nap by 1230!!!
perfect for a toddler's schedule! {and mommy too}
i'll re-visit the church situation as she gets older to see if i think she needs more, but for now we've found our place in the same place i sat in worship when i was two years old!  
i love it when things in life come full circle like that!
my home church is full of wonderful people who have prayed for me throughout this adoption process
it is very rewarding to take her there each week to have all of those people love on her!

i'm preparing some fun things for her first chinese new year and the first time i saw her referral picture on february 3rd this year.  can't wait to celebrate that wonderful day with my girl this year!
i thought it was ironic and i've documented it before but...
madison was born on march 3
eddie was born on august 3
i saw molly's picture on february 3
and our 'gotcha' day was on may 3
so if we ever want to choose a lucky number in our family
3 would be it!

finally, i am soaking in my days of mothering a 2 year old
motherhood has been the best gift of my life
people ALWAYS ask questions like,
"is it harder than what you thought"
"is it what you expected"
"do you miss your single, child free days?"
"well, how are you's hard isn't it"
these types of questions always puzzle me
it seems as if people want me to say
oh yes, this is the worst decision of my life
i can't believe i did it
i can barely cope each day
ha, ha!

i'm not sure what is supposed to be so hard about this, yet
don't get me wrong, there are some hard moments
but the truth is, my life was SO MUCH HARDER before i got molly
i was always supposed to be a mother
i wasn't created to be the single carefree, childless woman
it wasn't who i was and each day of living that was hurtful in my spirit
because all i ever wanted was a child {family}
it took 35 years to get here
but the joy i'm experiencing now is like none i've ever known
so when you ask me how it's going and i reply, "it's wonderful"
i'm not trying to sugar some underlying problem, really

my heart aches for all the women who want to be mothers, but cannot
i pray for peace for their hearts, because it can be quite painful at times

while you are on the path to adoption
there are some things that can scare you to death
stories about attachment disorders
or stories about parents returning their children to the orphanage
stories about many horrible things
and i read about them and questioned myself a thousand times!!!!!!
so if you are also on the path to adoption, let me encourage you to stay strong
it will be worth it in the end
it truly is a beautiful and wonderful journey
i am so blessed!

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