Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

happy chinese new year!
i decorated the house just a bit in honor of this traditional chinese holiday
but today also marks another VERY SPECIAL day for molly and me
today, February 3rd, marks the 1 year anniversary of the very first day i saw her face!!!
what an incredible day that was!!!
i was at school and my adoption agency called at 1:30 p.m. to tell me to look at her pictures and file
from that moment on i was swept away
it was truly an incredible time in my journey and one that i will never forget

so, miss molly dressed in one of her traditional chinese dresses today
of course, she would not look at the camera for me
why is taking pictures so hard????
she also took some special "color sheets" to daycare to share with her friends
one was the flag of china and one was a rabbit
because this year is the year of the rabbit
(i was born in the year of the rabbit...back in 1975 and molly was born the year of the rat in 2008)

studying her referral picture

as a very special treat ambre brought molly to my school around lunchtime and she stayed with me for the rest of the day
i guess it was the kid's very personal guest speaker about chinese new year! ha!
of course everyone followed her around non stop
and she loved that!

coloring her flag and rabbit with the kids in my class...showing her "surprise" face as we show her how to color her flag!

she loves "work"
i changed her into some comfy clothes for the rest of the afternoon and tried to get some actual teaching done!

the chinese are very into things that bring good luck
while i personally do not believe in "luck" but only in the sovereign plan of God
i still bring in these items for the sake of tradition
the red envelopes or lucky envelopes are given to kids with money inside on chinese new year
of course the chinese always favor the color red for good luck
they also decorate and eat tangerines especially at this time of year because they believe it brings good luck
we just think they are good to eat!

random valentine decorations...i've kept up my pink christmas house because it's pink

have i shown you her braces yet?  they are so cute!  but, they are a pain to put on in the morning.  when you are late.  with a two year old who wants to do it herself.  and i haven't had my sufficient amount of caffeine yet.  she can only wear them with those tennis shoes of course and that drastically limits the wardrobe choices for the winter.  but that is ok.  i want her walk to be corrected now and not later.

one of her christmas gifts that i use as valentine decor.  wooden candy treats.  how cute is that?

other than all of this we have just been staying busy...we've almost worked a full week of school this week for the first time since early december.(if we go tomorrow)  that's been really hard! ha!  a part of me is jealous of all of those northerners with 2 feet of snow and stuck at home.  don't think i'm crazy, but it's what i like the best.  i'm not wishing my roof caves in from snow fall or anything.  it was just nice to have many days at home while it lasted.  

molly has been recovering from a cough/cold/ear infection for a week.  she is getting better now.  poor thing.  i hate it when she's sick.

i've been preparing my taxes, cleaning, purging closets of old clothes and misc. items.  it always feels good to purge.  i'm trying to stick to a budget, stay on a schedule, and control the amount of time i spend reading blogs.  it's so hard for me, because i totally get swept away in the stories of other people!  one blog leads to another, and know how it is!  

i hope you are doing well, staying warm, or enjoying your snow days wherever you are!
Happy Chinese New Year!


Melissa's Thoughts said...

This is such a sweet post. :)

groovy mama said...

Oh BLOGS are so addictive! Happy chinese new year!
Check out the pics of Ella on my BLOG ;0)
love your little chinese blessing!

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