Thursday, February 10, 2011

look what we can cut...

look what molly can cut 
with scissors
no, it's not hair
but just one pair of mom's drapes in the dining room!

see the slits?
here's another peek
i have no idea when she did this
the only time i've given her scissors has been when she is seated in her chair at the table
i always put them up when we are finished
i've never seen her get a pair on her own
but at some point she must have figured this out
she loves to sit in this window and play
and one day she sat there and said,"momma, we don't cut curtains"...
that is when i knew
she had definitely been cutting the curtains!
6 little perfect slits right along the side
she could tell i was mad
(inside i was laughing!!)
and she immediately said, "pants will fix it"!
"pants" is our neighbor across the street aka: lance
for some reason she always links him with fixing anything that is broken
it's really funny!
i'm sure i'll find more of these little demolitions in the years to come
i guess it's good that our home is filled with yard sale finds, goodwill items, and hand me downs
nothing that is valuable
my only treasure...
are these little eyes peaking back at me
oh, how i'm blessed!


Anonymous said...

You can probably just turn the fold over once and stitch it and then reverse the two curtains so that the slits are on the outside where the curtain folds over. I've always really admired those curtains. :) Your Molly is adorable.

Judi said...

They all do it at one time or another! It seems every year we have a first grader cut their hair at school. We're trying to keep scissors up at our house as well, but Haleigh keeps climbing up to get them which scares me even more. What if she would fall with them in her hand? One of our other daughters cut her pony tail off when she was three. What a sight she was! It was so bad, all I could do was sit and cry! Now it's a funny memory!

Kristi said...

My youngest cut her own hair a month or so ago - luckily it was just a small chunk that turned out to look like side bangs....trendy little sucker!

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