Thursday, March 3, 2011

birthday gifts

i'm so behind
in more ways than one....
but, i thought i'd back up a bit and showcase some of my bday gifts from a couple weeks ago

first of all, i have to share this
because i think it is so funny...and soooo mom, my mom
my mom forgot my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i know, can you believe it?
so i decided i didn't have to turn a year older and am still only 35 years old

she's had a lot on her lately with the changes in Grandma Sherrill's health
and it's just been busy and difficult
so i didn't expect that she would think of it

when she finally realized she had forgotten, she felt so bad
i told her it's no big deal at 36....i mean who needs another birthday?
now, if i was turning 16 it would be a different story.

wait...isn't that a scene in sweet sixteen with molly ringwald?

my grandmother gave me this quilt or afghan
my great grandmother made it for me many years probably 15 or 20 years ago, before she died
and my grandmother has kept it all this time
i think the goal was to preserve it until i got married for a wedding gift 
at 36 years old (and still single) i guess my granny decided she should go ahead and gift it to me! ha!!!
i do love homemade, sentimental things like this around my home
and isn't it ironic that it matches so perfectly in my home?
both of my great grandmothers lived well into their 90's
grandma mitchell, who made this, was losing her eyesight when she finished this quilt
i think she could have done it with her eyes closed, though
things like this came so easily for her
she was a very sweet woman of God!
after mom realized her mistake
she gave me this beautiful ruffle pillow for the living room
i love things that bring texture into the house
it's beautiful
and i went thrifting one afternoon while molly was with aunt ambre
and spotted these gorgeous iron candlesticks
with the pink chrystal they just fit into my house
so girly!
my neighbor brought over this beautiful spring hyacinth
i love the reminder that spring is near!

ambre also gave me some adorable gifts, but i haven't taken pictures of them yet
thanks, ambre!

and before i is sweet madison's 5th birthday!  
how can she already be 5?
we are celebrating in a couple weeks at an indoor pool/princess party!
sound interesting?  
i'll be sure to post some pictures of her and all the swimming princesses later.

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Unknown said...

Your home looks amazingly DO you keep it so nice with a little one??? And, I'm about the same age as you and I find myself hoping I forget my birthday this year.... :)

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