Saturday, March 26, 2011

random spring pictures

it's a rainy, gloomy Saturday afternoon
molly and i have been busy today planting a few things in the yard this morning
we made perfect timing and got everything planted and cleaned up before the rain hit
now i'll let mother nature water all my newly planted flowers and shrubs all night
so happy i don't have to haul that hose around my yard!!

these are just a few random pics we haven't posted yet...

molly's spring and summer wardrobe in the making
i got a little crazy at target
i couldn't pass up these shorts and tshirts for $4
so cute!!!!
a few other brands are scattered in the mix

i can't wait to get these outfits on her
these short skirts and the yellow ruffled sweater...
i'm so dying!!!
i wish i was a size 2T!
a day at daycare...madison was visiting on this day (spring break) and regan is in the middle
regan is molly's friend...but sometimes molly hits her
she will get in the car in the afternoon and start confession
"mommy, i hit regan....poor regan"
i hope i'm not raising a bully!
the whole gang

mom's bradford pear tree above and my tulip bush below

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