Tuesday, April 12, 2011

spring flowers

we made it to church this sunday
we're still not regular attenders, but maybe we'll get there
sunday mornings are so rushed with a 2.5 year old
and i'm not sure why because we get out the door a lot earlier monday-friday

but i did manage to sneak in a quick photo shoot before we left this week

she was more concerned with her boo boo finger
(which sort of looks like the beginnings of another mrsa infection:(, she hasn't had an infection since last fall and i was hoping these were over!)
we went across the street of course to use pants and pansy's natural scenery!
the flowers are gorgeous!
oh, those azaleas!

well, we are at least looking at the camera...now if we can practice the smile.  not so cheesy!

now, that is a look!

i love this little side of their house where they have the neatest scenery...an old bike, fence posts, planters, so cute!

dogwood blooms

so pretty!


Cheryl said...

Their yard is pretty and interesting. Miss Molly photo shoot is wonderful!

Danielle Moss said...

Beautiful flowers and beautiful little girl :)

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