Saturday, May 28, 2011

welcome summer, so glad to see you!

we have a few more days of school this week and my summer vacation will officially begin
none too soon!
i'm looking forward to lots of time off with molly this year
and we don't have anything scheduled or planned which makes it even more wonderful to me

i have several things on my personal "to do" list
we'll see how many actually get done!

it's been a hectic couple of weeks
the end of the school year always is
these are some random pictures we've taken over the last couple of weeks

she tries to cross her legs like a big girl!  so cute!!

climbing our tree in the front yard

such a dare devil!
she will always try something new or scary if madison or another "big" kid does it first
she does not want to be left out!

riding on the back of the tricycle with eddie

she is a very good conversationalist!
here she is very concerned over a cicada

what should we do?
the 13 year cicadas have overtaken middle tennessee
they are quite noisy little creatures
we took the kids to feed the ducks and attempt cousin pictures
madison and molly have matching dresses from mama maze
they looked so cute!

the ducks were so cute as they were jumping into the pond for the bread!

madison will start kindergarten in the fall
how did that happen?

after feeding the ducks we put some new flowers on grandpa sherrill's grave
and visited the gravesite of my dad, another grandpa, and cousin
when madison saw the cemetary she said...mama maze, this place is beautiful!
she loves flowers and it was a pretty day
the cemetary is always quiet and peaceful 
as it should be

i hope your holiday weekend is off to a great start!
enjoy your memorial day!!

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