Tuesday, June 14, 2011

summer fun

summer is in full swing at our house and i'm lovin' every minute of it
but, i can already tell it's going too fast! 
we've had lazy days, fun filled days, water days, and lots and lots of home projects that i've been working on
i'll post pictures soon of everything i've accomplished...just for my memory! 
but i have a lot left to do...

last weekend we went to the "big" pool for the first time
eddie and ambre have a pool in their neighborhood and we enjoyed it last year too
molly has about 6? bathing suits...it's my guilty pleasure
when you wear a 2T i just think it's ok to have that many suits!  right?

but, this is my favorite of the season and i had to spend time poking around on ebay to find her size
it's the gymboree flamingo line and is just so cute!
the coverup is gymboree also, but i found it at a consignment shop just in time for the weekend:)
love it when that happens
the color of the suit, the flamingo, the flower, oh it's just so cute!
she was a bit timid at first
but it didn't take long to be overly excited about the pool
madison has grown so much!

and, check out this little stinker!  read his shirt...it's the truth! ha!!
he looks sweet and innocent, but he can turn on a dime so watch out
all this extra time with my girl this summer has made for a true mommy's girl!
as if she wasn't all ready, but now she's completely rotten!
i hug and kiss on her all the time, i can't get enough of her!
she grown and changed so much!  her hair is growing out, her language skills are incredible, and her reasoning and problem solving skills blow me away sometimes!  
she has the cutest vocabulary and i love to hear her talk.
i love to hear her play when she doesn't think i'm listening to her!  it's a riot!  
actually she sounds just like me...you know how they are a recorder of everything you ever say?
yeah, it's sometimes good and sometimes bad!

these two are a pair!  she loves eddie too, but she really looks up to and mimics madison.
and madison loves having a younger cousin to play with

well, i've got to go make use of naptime...
hope you are enjoying your summer too!

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