Friday, July 22, 2011

adopting again?

got your attention, didn't i?
earlier this spring, china officials in charge of international adoption changed some rules
they decided that single women may once again adopt from china
(special needs only)
i barely made the cut when i began my adoption journey in 2006
shortly after i was logged in china closed to singles completely and have remained so until now

my agency also sent me an email with the information on it
along with the reminder that when i'm ready to start again, they will be ready to work with me! ha!
my first reactions was, are you crazy???

at the time of the email, i hadn't even been home one year
and it's taken that long to settle nicely into our routine
molly feels attached and adjusted and i feel like i've figured out how to get everything done {mostly}
i'm just not sure i could handle another child...i would be outnumbered for sure!

but, the truth is
i always wanted more than one child
and just between us, i've had the name of my second daughter picked out for quite a long while
but {i think} most of us girls are prone to doing that:)

although i think it would be completely fun in a lot of ways to be an only child
i also know the comfort in knowing you have at least one sibling to grow up with
to share life with
to be a family with
and for have two girls to dress up together...oh my i think my heart would burst for sure!!

right now, i think molly is perfectly content in being the only child
but maybe, just perhaps i would do it all over again
because i've had such a great experience with adoption and motherhood this time around

it makes me question, why would i not do it again
and then i look at my bank account and i'm reminded
and i think of all the paperwork, the waiting, the all consuming thoughts of who your child will be
and i just don't know if i have it in me to do again

the kicker is your youngest child has to be 6 years old in order to adopt again from china
in 3 years molly will be 6 but i'll be 39 years old
so, not sure if i could do the toddler years over as i approach the big 4-0
it would be hard for sure
if i were married i would definitely adopt again
but as a single working mom it would be more difficult to make the choice

i try not to use my "single status" as an excuse to hold me back from any of the dreams i've had in my life
but this choice requires careful consideration and much prayer!

what i do know for sure is that i have to STAY OFF of sites that post pictures of waiting children
because if i don't, i'm very likely to press that little "inquire" button
and the rest will be history!

so, i'll pray and ask for direction
i'll try to get into better financial shape so i'm prepared if he directs me to do it again
and i'll try to gently recruit a potential travel mate because eddie said he has already done his brotherly duty!  ha!

note to self:  do not look at websites that post pictures of children that need to be adopted
the end


Tricia Thompson said...

You are too funny! I would love to adopt another one too but 1) I'm too old 2) I don't have the finances to put another one in daycare and 3) I don't think Maggie would do well having to share me!

I will be praying for you and your decision. I have a single friend (teacher) that adopted two and is doing great. The kids are great friends too.

Now if the IRS would kindly relinquish our money I may not be so broke! Love ya

Dan and Karen said...

Got my attention and made me smile. I know you can do it if you choose to. I was OVER the big 4-0 for our first adoption.

Ditto on Tricia's IRS comment. : )

Praying with you and for you and if you want anyone to "talk" to about SN's let me know, I'll be happy to listen!


Suzanne said...

Oh, Amy...if God is leading you that way, enjoy it, Girl!!! You can do it! :) I would love to adopt again...don't know if that's in His plans either. Yep, if I were married, I would be filling out the application right now! And, at the same time, I soooo agree with you. I don't want to allow being single to prevent from listening and moving when God speaks. Praying for you.


groovy mama said...

Great post:)

Hope in my heart for you!!! You rock as a mom.
I know u could do 2- if i can do 4, u can do at least 8!!!
Hugs my friend

Angie said...

hey friend! I've been off the blogsphere for a while and had to catch up! I loved Molly's reading - more videos please! Such a cute story! Glad you are enjoying your summer...and stay off those are the 2nd person to freak me out with a blog title today! ;)

Jessica Preece said...

I have enjoyed following your journey thru life with dear Molly! I am a teacher also who is very interested in adopting a little girl from China. Would you please pass on information to me about the agency that you used and also what websites do you look at to see these children who need to be adopted? Thank you so much!
Blessings to you both!

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a couple of years....ever since we were both on the "Waiting for Referral" list on the No Hands But Ours website.

I have to tell you....I am married, but I became a Momma for the very first time at the age of 44. We brought our 2nd treasure home when I was 47 and we are getting ready to start the process for #3 (I just turned 49). Don't let age be a girls keep me young and active!

Will keep you in my prayers!

P.S. Molly is simply adorable!!
Love Them Like Jesus,

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