Monday, July 25, 2011

summer fun

what a transformation 8 weeks can bring to a two year old girl!
she was hesitant at the beginning of the summer to get her face wet
but now she is determined to teach herself to swim!

it helps a lot that her cousins, both madison and eddie, are total fish in the water
when molly sees them swimming underwater and jumping in
she is determined to do what they can do
 i love that!

the best cousin picture we could get
 i couldn't get any of madison and eddie by individually because they were always in the deeper end of the pool
i was scared to take my camera past the stairs!

high five for a job well done!
mama, lovin' the last few days of summer!!


Cheryl said...

Thats wonderful she's loving the water and putting her face in it. I never learned how to swim but I do love the water, but can't get it in my face.

Steph{anie} said...

Impressive! I can't believe she puts her face in the water like that! Go Molly!

Angie said...

So proud of your brave girl putting her face in the water! What a fish!

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