Wednesday, July 27, 2011

summer painting...dining room

this summer project has been in the works in my head for 2 years 
i bought this dining room set at the nashville flea market a few months before i moved into my home
i love the french provicial curves and lines of the set
and i'm a sucker for cane backed chairs
while it wasn't the color i needed in my home, i knew with a little tlc i could make it work

i also knew that it would require a lot of sweat and elbow grease to make it work
and so i put it off, unpacked, and then i became a mom, went to china, and was a little busy

but this summer, it was the first thing on my list so here is a little before and after for you and then i'll walk you through the steps in case you are interested...

before i started, i read and read and searched the internet for directions and tips on how to do this the right way
some great sources were from diy bloggers like miss mustard seed, the lettered cottage, young house love, just a girl, clover lane, and there were probably a few more because i really wanted to be informed so i didn't mess this up!
also, altard furniture has a great how to guide ebook that i purchased and read through.

the first step was stripping off all of the paint
i took miss mustard seed's advice and used this product from home depot
it was easy to use and worked really well

after i stripped the whole table i sanded and prepped the legs and base of the table because i wanted them white
i left the top for last b/c i was unsure what to stain it

my assistant helped through the whole process!
i used behr premium plus ultra line in snow white
it has the primer combined with the paint to reduce the steps

 the next step was to sand the table top down to the bare wood so i could stain it
this was a messy process and i should have moved the table to the garage
but i was home alone and wanted to keep the process moving so i got sand dust everywhere:(

i used minwax stain in provincial and then wiped on about 3 topcoats of minwax wipe on poly in gloss to protect it and give it a shine
 next up was to do the chairs 
i followed the same steps...strip, sand, paint
but with the carved detail, they were much harder than the table

i knew it would be hard to get through all the grooves of the cane
so i started by using a spray primer to fully coat through the layers of green and yellow

i had a few side chairs to add to the mix as well
i've had the painting done for a couple weeks, but have been waiting for all of the cushions to be covered
here is the final product
i'm so pleased with the final product and do not want to paint anything for a long time...
maybe next summer:)

 i just love this feminine floral fabric i've had for two years
they really completed the space

 this table turned out so pretty
since it had two coats of paint on top, i was unsure how it would turn out
but, as i sanded and began to see this beautiful wood pattern appear i was so excited!

the carved detail really shows up pretty

next up:  summer painting...breakfast nook


caryn said...

Wow, you did an amazing job! Looks beautiful.

Betsy said...

You did an awesome job, and I LOVE the pattern in the table-top. Bonus! Your assistant is such a cute, little thing too.

Cheryl said...

Oh my goodness, beautiful!

Laurie said...

All I have to say is... I'm IMPRESSED!! Oh, and it's beautiful! :)

Steph{anie} said...

Beautiful! It's such hard work, but isn't it amazing to enjoy the fruits of your labor?

Jen said...

Wow. So impressed. :)

Carroll said...

Oh my goodness, what a fantastic finish!! Way to go! :)

Jessica said...

That turned out beautiful! Love it!

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