Tuesday, August 2, 2011

build a bear

this was everyone's first visit to build a bear
what a fun place!!

mama maze treated all the kids to a stuffed animal of their choice in celebration of:
eddie's 4th bday this week
molly's 3rd bday in september
and madison starting Kindergarten this year!
madison was first to choose a sparkly kitty cat
after stuffing and mending, they had to take a bath

next up, eddie chose a camouflage teddy
pressing the "stuffer" pedal

lastly, molly chose a grey cat to match madison's of course!

madison tried on 3 different outfits for her cat before she decided on one
that is so madison!!
a little fussing, fighting, and pushing took place between these two
they both wanted to push on the pedal
they crack me up together!
eddie will aggravate molly and just giggle, and molly never backs down!

the crew

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